Nikki and Brie Bella on Their Baby Boys and If They're Done Having Kids (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the twins ahead of the season 6 premiere of 'Total Bellas.'

Brie and Nikki Bella love to do almost everything together!  

The famous twins had their babies just 22 hours apart in hospital rooms next door to each other. Brie welcomed Buddy back in August, just one day after Nikki gave birth to her first child, Matteo, with her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev. The experience, as they told ET's Rachel Smith, was filmed for the new season of Total Bellas, premiering Thursday, Nov. 12.

"It was crazy because we went in, we had our little baby luggage and then we went in with camera luggage," Brie explained. "Three different camera angles so we wouldn't miss anything."

Nikki added, "It was funny because I remember when Artem was setting everything up, one of the nurses came in and she just, like, looked around like, 'What?! This is intense, like, people are filming themselves nowadays.'"

Their filming equipment included three tripods, an iPod camera and even a selfie light. They made sure to capture all angles and we mean every angle.

"I remember Artem being the one that was, the angle right here," Nikki recalled pointing down. "And he's like, 'Are you sure right there?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, they'll blur it out if they need to.'"

The sisters can't wait to watch themselves and each other give birth, and relive the emotional moment.

"I had two more rounds of pushing until I was gonna have to go into a C-section," Nikki shared.  "And I pushed him out, I almost ripped those bars off the hospital bed. I can't wait to see it."

Brie, meanwhile, is also mother to 3-year-old daughter Birdie, with husband Daniel Bryan -- and last month revealed on The Bellas Podcast that she got her fallopian tubes taken out.

"I just figured the stomach was open and they're right there. I said last season, I really only wanted one, and so this pregnancy was an accident but I'm so happy," Brie expressed. "I can't imagine my life without Buddy, but I'm like, dude, that's it. I can't and you do, you can have mistakes. It does happen. So I was like, it's there, let's do it. And then my husband and I can have fun the rest of our lives and not worry."

As for Nikki, she simply put it, "I think I'm one and done."

"I told Brie, 'If you end up having a boy, I'm one and done,'" she noted. "Because we didn't know what she was going to have until she had it. He pretty much will have like, they'll be twins. He'll have someone he can always relate to...I don't know if it was being pregnant, having a baby in the pandemic that scared me or just gonna be 37 in a few weeks."

"But we're so in love [with our boys]," Brie added. "We're having so much fun and literally our boys are like twins. They might not look alike, but when they are together, it's so cute. They're like little brothers."

With Nikki chiming in, "They're totally soul brothers. I'm obsessed with being a mom. It's the greatest thing in the world. Greatest."

The two sisters, along with their families, have also moved destinations. Brie is already living in Napa, California, with sister Nikki joining her after Artem is done with Dancing With the Stars. The sisters already are working on their new wine endeavors.

"Brie and I are even in the process right now of wanting to open up our own, I guess you could kind of call it, wine lounge," Nikki teased. "It's definitely a place where you would come and party like the Bellas that we are going to be putting in downtown Napa."

The new season of Total Bellas won't showcase much of their Napa move, just the beginning. "The last episode is all Napa. It's our move," Nikki revealed, with Brie adding, "You see how we have a really big online purchase and Artem and Bryan think we're crazy, but we do it and so the season finale you see why we move to Napa."

"If we do have a season 7, we really want to showcase Napa Valley and our close friends there and why it's our happy place and building our wine lounge and just putting the Bellas stamp on Napa," Brie said.

As for how long they see themselves being in front of the cameras? "I can always film reality until I'm 40 and then after that I feel like the rest of my life is mine," Brie explained. "But it's crazy because we're going to be 37 on Nov. 21, so I see a couple more years of me showcasing my life. But who knows, I could probably go to 50. We'll see."

"Fifty? Girl, I'm checking out at 40," joked Nikki.
"Yeah, then we're gonna hide in the vineyards together?" Brie asked, with Nikki confirming, "That's right."

For more on the Bella twins, see below. Season 6 of Total Bellas premieres Nov. 12 at 9 p.m. on E!