Nikki Bella Is Feeling Pressure About Who Should Walk Her Down the Aisle After Reconciling With John Cena


"I just feel like this wedding turns into what everyone else wants but me."

Nikki Bella's wedding may be back on, but that doesn't mean all the decisions are made.

In a sneak peek of Sunday's all new Total Bellas on E!, which airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Nikki is wrestling with who she wants to ask to walk her down the aisle during her upcoming nuptials to John Cena

"If you have mom walking down the aisle she should be in a cute tux, like a women's style tux," Brie Bella, Nikki's twin sister, posits to both Nikki and their grandmother, Nana.

Nana thinks Nikki's brother, JJ Garcia, is the obvious choice.

"I don't know," Nikki sighs. "I've just been thinking a lot about it."

"Mom and I were talking and just, like, you were going to have me walk you down the aisle, then you picked your dad. She kind of got a little bit of attitude," Brie reveals. "I'm just saying it would make mom super happy. Like, it would make her life."

Nikki reminds the pair that the "emotional decision" is hers alone to make. In a flashback to a conversation with John, viewers get to see who he would pick for the task.

"You asked my opinion so I'm giving it to you," John says. "Your sister. I know traditionally it is the father, but I guess I don't think traditionally, Like, that one person is giving away another person. Like, how sh**ty is that?"

In the confessional, Nikki explains more about her dilemma. 

"You know, to think [about] the relationship I have with my father and the other male relationships I have, I just feel so confused," she says. "There's part of me that wants to get married and there's a part of me that just wants to be alone. Like, there's no words to describe it."

Later in the clip, Nikki chastises Brie for bringing the issue up in front of Nana.

"I just feel like this wedding turns into what everyone else wants but me," Nikki says. "I understand what you're saying. I do. But I don't want this whole thing to turn into, like, 'Who's going to walk Nicole down the aisle?' Because if it's like some game show, mom's on the table, dad's on the table, JJ's on the table. Anyone else? [Brother-in-law] Bryan maybe? I forgot John put you on the table."

Brie still manages to make her personal preference known, saying, "I just feel like since the day mom's been pregnant with us she's sacrificed her whole life."

Despite wedding planning being in full swing on Total Bellas, a source told ET last week that John and Nikki aren't back together just yet.

"One of the reasons that they can't seem to work things out is because he's getting ready to leave the country for four months," the source said of John's upcoming plans to shoot The Janson Detective alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. "They're not the kind of couple where it's 'absence makes the heart grow fonder;' they're more 'out of sight, out of mind,' so this distance isn't going to be good for them. They work best when they're working together and can be together all the time."

The source continued: "They love each other very much and can't imagine themselves with anyone else. They want to be together and be happy, but their priority is very much on their careers right now, and they're both on the same page with that."

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