Ninja Reacts to Starring in Epic Super Bowl Ad, Shares a Few Fortnite Secrets for Moms (Exclusive)

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Over the weekend, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins went from gaming celeb to the star of a Super Bowl commercial!

After the big game, ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with Ninja to discuss being in "The 100-Year Game," a commercial celebrating the NFL's centennial season.

"It's an honor, man," he gushed. Honestly, I've been watching football for I mean, ...the last eight years and the more audience that I can bring to the frickin' Super Bowl, man? Come on, dude."

In the aforementioned commercial, the pink-haired gamer plays a server at a dinner honoring the NFL’s upcoming 100th season. However, as soon as the retired pro ballers recognize him, they are buzzing about their special guest.

In other installments, the room full of NFL stars, both young and old, break into a wild and messy game that leaves the fancy setting in tatters. The campaign featured a whos-who list of football greats including Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, Joe Montana and many, many more.

While chatting with ET, Ninja also responded to the glowing reception his small role in the ad has received.

“Dude, we saw the comments immediately, man and they were so positive,” he shared. “I honestly can’t explain it. To be a part of one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials maybe of all time, it’s a blessing and it’s an honor man, I’m serious.” 

The Twitch superstar wasn’t the only non-NFL player to appear in the commercials. Sam Gordon, a 15-year-old girl who found viral fame back in 2012 for her impressive maneuvers in a boys’ league, also plays a pivotal role in the ad. 

During the interview, Ninja also took a moment to suggest a simple way to use kids’ passion for gaming to help them excel in the classroom.

“Use Fortnite to get your kids to do well in school — A's and B’s, you play Fortnite. C's or lower get ‘em out of here, man. Grounded,” he stated.

Check out portions of the campaign, including Ninja’s moment, in the clips above.

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