2019 Super Bowl Commercials: See All the Ads!

Take a look at some of the year's biggest and best ads from the big game!

Not a huge football fan? There are still some highlights from Super Bowl Sunday to catch up on!

Although the New England Patriots’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams was what most people will be talking about on Monday (along with that Maroon 5 Halftime Show!), plenty of others may bring up the commercials that aired during breaks from the big game.

Massive companies shell out millions to craft hilarious, clever, touching and downright zany ads for the sporting event. Some are meant to simply get your attention, while others will make you cry or get you howling with joy. 

In case you missed it, here's a break down of all of the prominent ads from the big game!

Zoe Kravitz and Michelob Ultra Go Organic

For 2019, Michelob has enlisted the talents of Zoe Kravitz to help highlight their new beer, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. The first USDA certified organic light lager, which should please millennials who are after an environmentally-friendly beverage.

In the commercial, Kravitz showcases the lager amid an assemblage of stunning images from nature including waterfalls, lush green forests and mountains. The ad is titled "The Pure Experience."

For the brand's tried and true option, Michelob ULTRA, they decided to offer a stark comparison. In the new ad, a robot outruns humans in the morning, outhits humans at the driving range and wallops a spin class. However, when happy hour arrives, the robot sadly finds itself looking into a bar as patrons enjoy the beer. The tagline? "It's only worth it, if you can enjoy it."

Lil Jon, Cardi B, Steve Carell Are More Than "OK" 

This year, Pepsi is enlisting an arsenal of star power, including Lil Jon, Cardi B and Steve Carell to promote their soft drink. In the first spots, they coyly tease what they have in store. Then, using the "Turn Down for What" rapper's catchphrase as a jumping off spot, the trio converge on a diner where they playfully argue that Pepsi is more than an "OK" alternative to Coke.

"The Dude" and Carrie Bradshaw Return

Last week, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges brought back their most beloved characters from Sex and the City and The Big Lebowski, respectively, in a pair of ads teasing their Super Bowl commercial. Then, fans finally got a peek at their ad, in which the duo enjoys a Stella Artois together.

First, Carrie Bradshaw sashays into a bar, and although the staff is expecting her to order a cosmopolitan, she requests the Belgian pilsner. Likewise, when The Dude saunters in, looking as comfortable as ever, the waiters are ready to offer him a White Russian, his drink of choice. Instead, he also wants a Stella.

The ad is in partnership with Water.org. For every six-pack sold, Stella Artois will donate an amount that provides six months of clean water to an individual in the developing world, according to AdAge.

"Good choice," Carrie tells Lebowski, who responds, "Well, if changing can do a little good. The Dude abides."

Jason Bateman's Nightmare Elevator 

Although elevator attendants aren't really all that common in 2019, Jason Bateman's reliably dry-witted take on an employee ushering riders to various facets of human misery, floor by floor, is a pretty good argument for bringing them back. Stops on the ride of horrors include a root canal, jury duty, a vegan dinner party. 

Of course, he ultimately helps a couple sidestep the typical car-buying experience with Hyundai's Shopper Assurance, sending them up to the auto brand's spacious floor where clouds drift by in the window and opera music plays. Just heavenly.

Michael Bublé and His Black Sharpie

In a new ad that is both understated and charming, everyone's favorite standards crooner, Michael Bublé, is shown sitting on the floor of a grocery store in a suit, correcting the spelling on cans of Bubly Sparkling Water as the store's manager irritably watches -- and it completely works.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Embraces Her Inner Scream Queen Again 

The American skin care line Olay is using the Super Bowl to put a spooky spin on the phrase "killer skin," with a campaign thus far made up of a series of bone-chilling teasers. In them, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to her horror film roots as an unsuspecting victim being stalked in her home by a masked man, naturally during a stormy night. 

Coke’s Call for Togetherness

For the first time in 13 years, Coca-Cola won’t be airing an ad during the Super Bowl game. Instead, they have a 60-second spot lined up for mere moments before the national anthem, according to AdAge.

As many know, “The Star-Spangled Banner” has become a cultural flashpoint thanks to some players, like Colin Kaepernick, deciding to kneel during the pre-game ritual. For Coke’s ad, they have created an animated short titled “A Coke Is a Coke” that makes a joyous plea for unity during a polarizing time.

Budweiser, a Dalmatian and Bob Dylan

Budweiser has proven time and again that they know how to get our attention. This time around, the beermaker is looking backward and forward with “Wind Never Felt Better.”

In the ad, a Dalmatian happily rides atop a beer wagon pulled by the brand’s iconic Clydesdales as Bob Dylan’s song, “Blowin’ in the Wind,” plays. When the camera pulls out, viewers learn that the wagon is bumping through a field of electric windmills. It finishes with the proud statement: “Now brewed with wind power for a better tomorrow.”

Luke Wilson Has Good News for Close Talkers

For their Super Bowl spot, Colgate tapped comedy veteran Luke Wilson to cleverly showcase the benefits of the toothpaste brand’s latest product, Colgate Total SF.

Throughout the ad, Wilson makes his way about an office informing others that now, thanks to Total SF, there is no such thing as “too close.” Obviously, this theory is tested.

Kia’s Nod to ‘The Great Unknowns”

This year, South Korean carmaker Kia is looking to take a self-aware perspective on all the Super Bowl ad hype. In their preview, viewers are shown rows of televisions in a shop window as a boy explains just how much money is spent on ads for the NFL’s last game of the season.

The young narrator asks what would happen if, instead of paying celebrities to promote products, that money was set aside to help America’s unknowns. It’s anyone’s guess what they have up their sleeves.

Alex Rodriguez Bonds With Mr. Peanut

In an ad that is as simple as it is charming, the animated Mr. Peanut tosses nuts in the airs, which Alex Rodriguez happily catches in his mouth. “Game day’s gonna get nutty,” the ad teases.

In the company's followup ad, Mr. Peanut saves the party with the perfect snack. Oh, and Charlie Sheen drops by.

Milk Chocolate and Christina Applegate (Freaking Out)

This year, M&M's partnered with Christina Applegate to promote their new M&M's Chocolate Bar. Throughout the series of ads, the veteran actress is the candy-coated chocolate's driver and she can't stand her passengers.

Like many children, the animated candies get up to all kinds of shenanigan which Applegate shuts down by threatening to eat them, naturally.

Serena Williams and Bumble Are Looking to Empower

Along with Priyanka Chopra, social networking app Bumble has added Serena Williams to their roster of celebs proudly endorsing giving women more control of their love lives. In the teaser spot, the tennis legend explains how much things have changed for women in recent years as viewers are shown a brief behind-the-scenes glimpse of their game day ad getting made on a court.

“We’re living in a world, in society, where people are starting to see differently and starting to understand that, you know, we are just as strong, and just as smart and as savvy and just as business-like as any other male in this world and we always have been,” she explains. “And now it’s time to really show up and tell our story the way it should be told.”

Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper becomes the newest member of the boy band, and perfectly nails their choreography, during the new Doritos Super Bowl commercial. The 60-second spot begins with Chance at an empty airplane hangar, trying the new chips.

"They made the original, hot?" he asks before he remixes the BSB classic "I Want It That Way." As the Chicago-native raps, the five singers then step out in lavish color-coordinated pink suits while cars and colored smoke surround them. The ad ends with BSB and Chance in the hangar epically dancing to the hit.

Andy Warhol Does Burger King Differently

Iconic artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol (who died in 1987) gets ready to nosh on a flame-grilled burger -- and just when you think he's about to do something extraordinary with a bottle of ketchup, he fumbles with it, pours a little on the side and actually dips his burger while eating in silence. In an avant-garde spin on its usual marketing, the popular burger chain finishes off the ad with the #EatLikeAndy hashtag.

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