'Ocean's 8' Star Rihanna Reveals She’s Stolen This Unusual Item (Exclusive)

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Talk about a hangry "Good Girl Gone Bad."

Rihanna plays a high-tech thief in Ocean's 8, and while she's never pulled off a major jewelry heist, she didn't have to dig too deep for inspiration for the role.

During the New York City premiere of the highly-anticipated film, ET challenged the "Work" singer to give up an item she's stolen -- and it wasn't a $150 million necklace. It was... dinner.

"I stole Chinese food," Rihanna, 30, admitted of the takeout thievery, describing it as a "long story."

The pop star's confession comes just after she asked her co-stars of the all female-led Ocean's Eleven reboot that same question

Their own take, so to speak?

Ocean's 8 cast
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"It was in the candy family," lead Sandra Bullock shared. "I was young and didn't know any better."

Cate Blanchett revealed she stole "bread rolls," while Sarah Paulson went the non-edible, pricier route.

"It was a velvet bodysuit. It had a snap crotch," Paulson said. "A couple of my friends and I did it together."

Watch below for more on the criminal comedy, in theaters Friday.


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