Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey on How Their Kids Can Predict Their Biggest Hits (Certified Country)

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It's good to be Old Dominion right now! 

The band recently scored their fourth No. 1 single with "Written in the Sand," while that song plus "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" and "Song For Another Time" have each been recently certified gold by the RIAA. 

"It never gets old," frontman Matthew Ramsey says in this week's edition of Certified Country. "It feels different when it's at the top of a chart and you play it to a crowd. ... You know it's gonna be around. It's doing amazing things for our lives and our career." 

According to Ramsey, the band members' kids have already developed an accurate barometer for which songs will hit it big. 

"Their life is certainly not a normal one, but it's normal to them to hear all this amazing music and they're going and seeing all these shows and hearing all these amazing songwriters," he says. "They've got kind of a backstage pass from the get go."

"You know when you have a hit song when they're like, 'Play that one! Play that one! Play that one!'" he continues. "We always talk about our kids being a great way to judge whether it's a hit song because there's something very basic about the way they perceive the music that I think needs to be there if it's gonna be a hit. You can overthink it a lot, but there's something very basic about a hit song and if a kid can get it, then you've got a good chance, I think." 

As the band continues touring to promote their sophomore album, Happy Endings, they'll stop in Las Vegas next month to celebrate their two Academy of Country Music Awards nominations. They're up for Vocal Group of the Year and Album of the Year at the 2018 ceremony after previously winning New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year in 2016. 

"That was such a surprise to us," Ramsey recalls. "That year was just this explosion of, 'Man, we're on the scene now, I guess. We're invited to these parties and we're mixing it up with all the people that we've seen on this awards show,' so it was amazing to be included and to feel like all our hard work was for something. To be recognized for that, it was very validating." 

The 53rd annual ACM Awards will air live on April 15 on CBS from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Sin City. Reba McEntire returns for her 15th stint as host. 

"She's the queen, man," Ramsey says with a laugh. "When she speaks, you just want to hear what she says. I love her because she doesn't take herself too seriously. She has that same kinda thing that Dolly [Parton] has in that, man, they are just 100 percent themselves and it's very captivating to watch someone like that."

For more from Ramsey's interview, watch the full episode of Certified Country and follow along on Facebook Watch for new interviews every Friday. 


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