Olivia Munn Has Had ‘Conversations' With Aaron Sorkin About Rebooting 'The Newsroom' (Exclusive)

Aaron Sorkin and Olivia Munn
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The actress played Sloan Sabbith on the HBO series.

Will Sloan Sabbith talk economists under the table again on The Newsroom? The short-lived Aaron Sorkin-run HBO series ended in 2014 after just three seasons, but already star Olivia Munn is keen to have it return to the small screen. 

The 38-year-old actress spoke with ET’s Leanne Aguilera at Tuesday’s TCAs about the possibility of a reboot for the series, which also starred Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Dev Patel, Alison Pill, and Thomas Sadoski. 

"Tom Sadoski and myself, we’ve actually been having conversations with Sorkin about that,” she tells ET of the actor who played her on-screen love interest, Don Keefer, on the show. "He’s very busy, but we have very high hopes that it would be able to come together, hopefully.”

Sorkin, who recently adapted To Kill a Mockingbird for Broadway and has been in talks for a West Wing reboot as well, is the Oscar-winning writer and creator behind the series. 


"Tom and I are working hard and Sorkin loves it, and obviously it’s his creation and I had such an amazing time on it,” Munn says of her time as economic journalist Sloan Sabbith. "There’s been so much that has happened in the news and in media that we could really speak on, and it’d really be interesting to see what his take would be on it and what The Newsroom would do today.” 

Munn, who went to school for journalism in real life, really valued the show’s pro-media message. 

"And as somebody who went to journalism school and has such love for journalists and media, it was to me that show was always a love letter to journalists, showing the struggles of what they go through to really tell the stories they want to tell,” she says. "So, I hope, we’ll see. We’ve been working. Tommy and I have been doing our due diligence with Sorkin, so we’ll see.”

Munn is currently focused on her upcoming Starz series, The Rook, based off the bestselling novel by the same name, which is set in London. 

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"The Rook is a psychological thriller with supernatural undertones,” Munn explains. "And to me the thing that drew me into it so much is that I’ve been such a lover of old school British spy thrillers for so long, and so this has that to it.”

Munn is not known for taking on the same roles again and again. So how does the actress pick her characters?

"I have one hard fast requirement before I take on any role, which is, does she exist if he doesn’t exist? So I won’t be taking on a role where she is the wife to the main character and if his story wasn’t being told no one would even know about her story or care about it,” she explains. 

The Rook premieres in summer 2019 on Starz.