'One Day at a Time' Cast Feels 'Optimistic' About Finding a New Network After Netflix Cancellation (Exclusive)

The streaming service cancelled the series earlier this month.

The Alvarez family has not given up hope!

On Thursday, ET's Denny Directo caught up with One Day at a Time star Isabella Gomez and two of the show's executive producers, Gloria Calderon Kellett and Brent Miller, at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. While there, the trio assured fans they are working to find the series a new home after its Netflix cancellation earlier this month. 

"We're feeling optimistic," Miller revealed of finding the show a new network for its would-be fourth season. "I mean, how could we not with the kind of attention the population has given us? There's a rabid fan base out there and they want to see the Alvarez family continue. So, I think the networks will see that and I think, in time, we'll all know."

That support from the fans has thoroughly delighted the ODaaT cast and crew, making them supremely grateful for all of the love viewers have shown a series that recognizes marginalized communities.

"Shows are canceled every day and nobody cares, so we're aware of that and we're so grateful to our community," Calderon Kellett said. "And I think it really speaks to this moment in time where we are speaking for so many communities that are demonized, that are not getting enough love."

"We are showing an LGBTQ teen. We are showing a veteran mother. We are showing a Latinx family with love and warmth and goodness," she continued of the show, which was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the ceremony. "These are proud Americans that are a vibrant part of our society."

Meanwhile, Gomez, who stars as Elena on the series, revealed that, despite the cancellation, the cast and crew are "excited and hopeful" and have kept in touch.

"When do we not talk to each other? Consistently," she said. "... We do have a group text. We also reply to each other's Instagram Stories all the time. This is a family forever now."

When ET's Cassie DiLaura caught up with Gomez's onscreen brother, Marcel Ruiz, at the Kids Choice Awards last week, he echoed Gomez's statements about the closeness of the cast, comparing the show's end at Netflix to "losing your family."

"Our fans got to show how much they loved the show and how much they cared about the show, and it was a moment for Netflix to see that, and also for other networks to see that," he said of the results of the cancellation. "So, we're waiting [to see if it gets picked up somewhere else], and it will be beautiful if we find a new home."

Watch the video below for more on One Day at a Time.