Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King Talk One-Night Stands, Plastic Surgery in 'Never Have I Ever' Game

The longtime pals played the game for the first time with model Ashley Graham moderating.

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King have some juicy secrets! In a new game of "Never Have I Ever" moderated by model Ashley Graham for The OG Chronicles, the longtime pals and TV personalities open up about a variety of topics from one-night stands to skinny dipping to plastic surgery. 

Revealing they had both never played the game before, the besties got into it, and no topic was off limits. 

When asked if they'd ever sexted someone, Oprah replied, "Definitely not, are you kidding me?"

Gayle added, "If she put her finger down on that I would pass out on the floor right now."

But Ashley admitted to sexting her husband, Justin Ervin, saying, "Of course I have! Justin and I get into it."

At Gayle's insistence, Oprah admitted to interviewing someone she didn't like, but insisted she had never played hooky from work. Gayle, however, admitted to taking a mental health day in her youth. 

As for a one-night stand, Gayle quipped, "We both better put our fingers down on that one!"

Oprah revealed, "Mine would have been [in] '82, something like that," and Gayle added that hers was around the same time. 

When it came to considering plastic surgery, Gayle claimed she hadn't while Oprah admitted to thinking about it. 

"I've definitely thought about it," the longtime TV host said. 

As for skinny dipping, Oprah said she'd never done it, but Gayle replied, "Does a hot tub count as skinny dipping?" and when Ashley confirmed that it did, she put her finger down. 

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