Orlando Brown Fans Rally Around Him After Learning He Overcame Drug Addiction

Fans Rally Behind Orlando Brown After Learning He Overcame Drug Addiction Last Year
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Orlando Brown fans are sending love and support to the actor after learning he's doing better after a very public battle with drugs and mental health.  

Best known for his roles as Eddie Thomas on the hit Disney series That's So Raven and voicing the titular character in Fillmore!, Brown previously made headlines for being arrested in 2007 for marijuana possession and in 2016 for meth possession and battery. 

Five years later, Brown has overcome his struggle with drug addiction after joining Rise Church in Abilene, Texas, which his then-fiancée and now-wife introduced him to last year. The 33-year-old opened up about his path to recovery in September 2020 with The Christian Post"I can tell you that I'm OK. I'm alive. I was in an unsafe position and it has been shaky but at the end of the day all I can tell you is I'm OK and I'm graduating," he said.

Brown explained that he was graduating from the Texas-based in-patient recovery program Rise Discipleship -- which he completed in November 2020 -- and called the experience "a great process." 

Rise Discipleship is a free 6-month in-patient recovery program for men who struggle with addiction, homelessness and other life-controlling issues. According to the website, "Every RISE student will be given a biblical foundation that will assist in character building and the leadership development to approach life in a new light."

During a fundraising event for the program last year, Brown attributed his addiction to drugs partially to an addiction to the internet.

"I didn't know what I was doing. I was addicted to the internet. All kinds of stuff," he said. He also said that his fiancée told him about Rise Discipleship and that the people over the program "accepted [me] for who I am" once he arrived.

Since his recovery, Brown has begun recording music with Christian themes that mention his journey with addiction, including a single titled "Smiled On Me."

Fans recently caught wind of Brown's journey thanks to a viral tweet. On Wednesday, a clip of the rapper's music video made waves on Twitter, resulting in fans celebrating the turnaround Brown managed to make. 

"Not only did Orlando Brown overcome drug addiction, but he gave his life to Jesus. WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? 🙌🏼😭," the initial tweet asked. 

"Salute to Orlando Brown man dude legit turned his life around and has a beautiful family…we see you King," wrote one fan.  

See more tweets from fans below:


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