'Outlander' Season 3 Gag Reel: Cheeky Insults, Chest Grabbing & More Hilarious Moments! (Exclusive)

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Prepare to laugh, Sassenachs!

Now that we've given you an exclusive first look at the seriously swoonworthy Outlander chemistry test, and helped uncover the mystery of Jamie and Claire's most shocking deleted scene, it's time to have some fun because only ET has your exclusive sneak peek at the highly anticipated season three gag reel.

In our laugh-out-loud worthy video above, the stars of Outlander are dropping F-bombs, sharing laughs, and exchanging cheeky insults -- and we can't get enough!

We recently caught up with stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe at an Outlander FYC event in Los Angeles and we asked the actors about their favorite part of working together after nearly four seasons.

"He makes me laugh," Balfe answered with a giggle. "I suppose that's probably it."

"She's great. She's so fun. We just have a really good time and that's the core of the show," Heughan gushed to our cameras. "The show over the seasons has just gotten bigger and there's been new characters, but that core friendship there is amazing. And she's such a great actress, so it's been really fun to work together."

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Looking for more Outlander goodies? Press play on our exclusive video below to find out why Jamie and Claire's initials carving scene was deleted from season three!


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