'P-Valley': Inside Megan Thee Stallion's Appearance as Tina Snow in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Megan Thee Stallion finally made her way through The Pynk on the penultimate episode of 'P-Valley' season 2.

Megan Thee Stallion finally made her way through The Pynk. The rapper made her on-screen debut as Tina Snow during the penultimate episode of P-Valley season 2 after it was revealed earlier in the summer that she would be guest-starring on the show. 

Both creator Katori Hall and star J. Alphonse Nicholson spoke to ET about Stallion’s appearance, which coincided with lots of drama on the series, and what it was like having the rapper on set. “It was epic,” Nicholson says of having “one of the biggest rappers of all time” on the Starz drama. “She is amazing.”  

For Hall, it was something she had been hoping for since the beginning of the series. “We have been wanting her to be on the show, whether it was as a rapper, as an actress, from season 1,” she says, explaining that it wasn’t until Nicco Annan and Brandee Evans appeared in a music video with Stallion that they were able to finally connect with the rapper and discuss her being on the series. 

“Eventually we got a chance to connect via Zoom and the rest is history,” Hall says, explaining that the two were “on the same page in terms of how we wanted to just visually articulate a version of her alter ego, Tina Snow, through P-Valley.”  


[Warning: Spoilers for P-Valley season 2, episode nine, “Snow,” written by Hall.] 

Leading up to episode nine, which was aptly titled “Snow,” the rapper was first heard earlier in the season, when she made a voice cameo in episode two. During that scene, DJ Neva Scared (Brandon Gilpin) reveals to Lil’ Murda (Nicholson) that he’s working with an Atlanta-based artist. “Run that beat back for a real b***h,” Stallion is heard saying as Snow. 

Later, in episode six, viewers hear more of Murda and Snow’s collaboration, “Get It on the Floor,” which finally starts getting radio play, much to Murda's delight. However, his excitement is cut short by Big Teak’s (John Clarence Stewart) suicide. But after reuniting with Uncle Clifford (Annan), Murda bounces back -- and just in time to take the stage at the Chucalissa, Mississippi, strip club alongside Snow. 

“I love the fact that I get to share the screen with her and have these awesome scenes,” Nicholson says, adding that “by the time we get to the episode, [Murda and Snow] are stars. They come in as true stars of Chucalissa, as true stars of The Pynk and they put on an incredible performance.”  

Halfway through episode nine, Snow finally shows up at The Pynk as Murda reveals that the two will deliver a one-time performance, kicking off their tour together. And after a brief interaction with Clifford, who throws some sass Snow’s way, the two prepare to perform their hit record. 

“That obviously comes off as very, very funny for the audience because we know where their hearts lie,” Hall says of Cliff’s shade. 


With nearly everyone from P-Valley in the audience, from Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers) rallying last-minute votes to Keyshawn Harris (Shannon Thornton) owning the pole, Snow and Murda deliver an epic live rendition of “Get It on the Floor,” which Hall describes as “‘Murda Night’ on crack.” 

“He performed by himself last season,” Hall says, referring to the season 1 finale. “But with Tina Snow and him onstage together, it was just this dynamic duo that I really, really am so proud that we were able to pull it off.” 

She adds that “when they performed it that day [on set], the crowd went wild. They just couldn’t believe what they were watching and that they were, like, this close from Megan Thee Stallion and Tina Snow.” 

However, their shining moment is cut short when a fight erupts in the crowd and everyone scatters for safety, with Cliff making sure Tina was safe and sound on her tour bus. While the fight doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Snow and Murda’s collab, Nicholson cryptically teases what’s next for the two moving forward. 

“He appreciates the fact that he’s getting this opportunity to go on tour with Tina Snow, and have a great opportunity to get his music out there. But he also wants to be himself. He also wants to stay true to who he is,” the actor says, noting that includes seeing how things are going to play out with Clifford. 

He adds, “He wants to be with Uncle Cliffy… But he also cares about this music.” 


As for whether fans will see Snow again, Hall isn’t making any promises one way or another. “I’m just taking it one season at a time, as there has not been a season 3 renewal yet,” the creator says, before adding later that she “hopes this opportunity comes by again because [Megan]’s definitely a professional.”  

When it comes to having Stallion on set, Nicholson also gushes that “she was a true professional; she came in so well prepared.” Not only that, but “she was so down to earth,” Hall adds, adding that any nerves among the cast quickly dissipated once the rapper started working with everyone. “She’s just a down-home, sweet girl… I was really, really impressed by her.”

While her future on P-Valley is unclear, this is not the last time fans will see the rapper on screen. In addition to the series, she’s also slated to make her feature film debut in F***ing Identical Twins. And Nicholson believes this is just the beginning for her. “I think she has a future in acting, that’s for sure,” he says.

As for the song itself, it was something decided on as soon as Stallion confirmed she would appear on the show. And it just so happened that she was working on her own album at the time, and “she felt this particular song, ‘Get It on the Floor,’ would be perfect for P-Valley,” Hall says. “And when she sent it over to us, we absolutely agreed.”

“We got a banger. We definitely got an epic song,” Nicholson says, noting how “surreal” it was to have collaborated with Stallion as his fictional character. Excited for the fans of the show to hear it in full, he can’t wait to “see how the world is gonna respond to it.” 

While “Get It on the Floor” is not streaming yet, it will be available when the P-Valley soundtrack is released on Aug. 14, the same day as the season 2 finale. 

P-Valley airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.