Pamela Anderson Channels Her Inner Villain in New PSA -- Watch!

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Pamela Anderson's next role is as a supervillain recruiter.

The former Baywatch actress is starring in a PSA to call out ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft for their hiring practices and general policies. 

The Closer, which is directed by Luke Gilford and is in support of The National Limousine Association's Ride Responsibly initiative, begins with a nervous-looking man entering a warehouse of the fictional Rideshare Corp. When he walks into a nearly empty room, Anderson appears behind a desk that's plastered with warning signs.

"So, I think you're going to love this gig. You get a chance to meet a lot of people. You like people, right?" a black dress-clad Anderson questions. "It's really very easy. You get to sit all day."

The dark side of the hiring process comes out next, though. 

"Besides, you look very strong and healthy, so no need for health insurance," the 50-year-old says matter-of-factly. "We believe in incentives here. You seem like a five-star kind of guy. Because a four or lower means immediate termination. When can you start?"

While the potential driver accepts the job in the video, Anderson urges viewers to think before they request their next ride in her closing remarks.

"You would never accept a job that denies workman's comp, minimum wage, or social security, but you accept these conditions for your driver every time you use a ride-hailing app," she says. 

Here's a look at Anderson with her son, Brandon:


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