Pamela Anderson Stands by Son Brandon Lee Amid Fight With Tommy (Exclusive)

The actress is standing by her son amid his public feuding with his dad, Tommy Lee.

Pamela Anderson is standing by her son, Brandon, following the 22-year-old’s social media drama with his dad, Tommy Lee, on Father’s Day, a source tells ET.

The Motley Crue drummer took to social media on Sunday to discuss his failures as a parent to Brandon and Dylan, 20, declaring that his sons didn’t appreciate the “value of things,” and that Anderson was partly at fault for “enabling bad behavior.”

Brandon, who allegedly assaulted Lee back in March, responded with an Instagram post threatening to put Tommy “right back to f**kin sleep," then shared a video showing the 55-year-old rocker seemingly unconscious.

“Pamela stands by Brandon’s reaction to his father's post,” the source tells ET. “She believes Brandon has the right to protect himself and the family. In Pam's eyes, while Brandon is Tommy's biological son, that doesn't make Tommy a real father.”

“Being there for all the years the kids were growing would make him their real father,” the source adds. “Being supportive and kind and getting help would mean the world to his boys. This is a family in crisis and Tommy needs to make a change.”

The source adds that although Brandon doesn’t wish to engage in social media feuding with Tommy, he feels the needs to defend himself and his family.

“They believe social media has become [Lee’s] toxic way to communicate with the family. While Brandon wants privacy and would prefer to not engage, he plans to defend himself, his brother and his mother at any cost,” the source says. “He will not put up with Tommy bad mouthing the family.”

“Tommy's comments came after he was upset that Brandon hadn't wished him a happy Father's Day,” the insider continues. “He immediately went on the attack. It's true, Brandon didn't wish his father a happy Father's Day because he believes his father still hasn't gotten the help he needs. He wants his father to be clean and sober and stay that way. He feels they won't be able to have a healthy relationship until that happens.”

The source adds that Tommy “made a huge mistake” by criticizing his sons on Father’s Day. “So many of his statements were inappropriate, hurtful and untrue. Brandon and Dylan are both very well-behaved, good boys and Pamela has worked very hard as their mother to raise them that way.”

Despite the family friction, another source tells ET that Tommy is a reformed man, who has been focusing on work and his wedding to Brittany Furlan next Valentine’s Day. The couple is also in the process of selling their Los Angeles, California, home.

“He’s a changed man,” the source says. “Tommy isn’t the partier he was years ago. He is focused on working in the studio and is in wedding planning mode with Brittany.”

“They’re not a perfect family, but what family is?” adds the source, who believes Brandon is taking it “too far by sharing him and his father’s issues online.”

Meanwhile, Furlan has attempted to keep the peace between father and son, commenting on one of Brandon’s post, “Your dad loves you and you love your dad. Please stop.” However, Brandon wasn’t impressed with the plea, responding, “Don’t be a hero Britney. My dad needs another vodka lemonade. Chop chop.”

“She’s a peacemaker and doesn’t like confrontation,” the source says. “She knows their [Tommy and Brandon’s] business isn’t her business and doesn’t want to be in the middle of it, but she wants Tommy to know she’s supportive of him.”

When ET talked to Anderson about the family drama earlier this month, she joked, “They’re both adults. Maybe Brandon more so,” then wished them the best.

"It's between them," she said. "I wish the best for everybody, but, you know, we’re all growing and learning and this is part of it. It’s too bad, but like I said, it’s the past."

ET has reached out to reps for Tommy, Brandon and Brittany for comment.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.