Paris Hilton Invites Demi Lovato on 'Cooking With Paris' But Makes One Big Mistake (Exclusive)

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Paris Hilton may be known for saying "that's hot," but in her new Netflix show, Cooking With Paris, she's learning that some things are supposed to stay cooled. 

In an exclusive sneak peek clip for the upcoming series, Paris invites guest Demi Lovato on her show to help make some unicorn-themed cannolis. 

"This actually makes me want to start cooking more," Demi tells the heiress as she sprinkles glitter onto the pastry. 

Both stars are sporting bold looks with Paris in a white dress with red hearts and red fingerless gloves, and Demi rocking a lime green coat with feather-fringed sleeves. 

Despite being fully committed to their time in the kitchen, the execution of the cannolis doesn't quite go according to plan. 

"I was supposed to keep this in the refrigerator. We've had it out the whole time," Paris reveals of the cream filling. "So it's all melted. Great."

The lack of refrigeration causes a bit of a disaster for the pair, who attempt to keep the filling from spilling out of the sides. Ultimately, they decide to cover up the mess with sprinkles and glitter.

Cooking With Paris premieres Wednesday, Aug. 4 on Netflix. 


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