Paris Hilton Reveals 'Giant' Baby Gift From the Kardashian-Jenners That She Loves

Paris Hilton welcomed her son, Phoenix, in January.

Paris Hilton is loving motherhood, especially all of the swag that comes with welcoming a new baby! The 42-year-old DJ and hotel heiress welcomed her first child with husband Carter Reum in late January via surrogate, and on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, she opened up about the experience.

When asked about the misconceptions she had about motherhood, Hilton shared, "There's not really any misconceptions, but just that feeling of love. They say when you see your baby for the first time, you don't really know how it is until you've experienced it and it's one of the most magical feelings in the world. I'm so in love with my little angel."

Noting that her son, Phoenix, is a month-and-a-half old now, Hilton talked about some of the newborn's impressive gifts.

"Kim [Kardashian] and Kourtney [Kardashian] and Kris [Jenner] sent me this giant alpaca, not a real one," she revealed. "It's just so cool. I have it in the front of my house now. It's the cutest thing. I hug it every day."

Hilton also got a special present from her husband. "Carter just got me this Dior stroller, the same one Cardi B has and it's so sick," she added.

When asked if she'd let Phoenix watch her reality series, The Simple Life, Hilton quipped, "He's already watched it."

When one caller asked for Hilton's reaction to Ellen DeGeneres guessing her son's name a year before he was born, the new mom shared, "When she said it, I was like [gasps] because I didn't want to give it away. I didn't want anyone stealing my baby's name. I was so surprised that she guessed it."

DeGeneres didn't pick the name for Hilton, who said she's been planning to name her son Phoenix "for about 10 years."

"I want to name my daughter London one day, and I was thinking of a boy's name that's a city and also sounds good," she explained. "And Phoenix just sounds really cool. Plus I love the meaning behind it of just transformation and renewal."

Paris also revealed that her mom, Kathy Hilton, goes by "Kiki" as her grandmother name.

"She doesn't know that's the name for something else too," Paris quipped.

Paris recently spoke with ET about her favorite motherhood moments thus far.

"My favorite moments are when he's just laying on my chest and he's looking into my eyes and my heart just melts and I just feel that this is just the most magical time in my life," she told ET earlier this month.