Paris Hilton Talks Family Planning with Carter Reum: 'We Would Love to Have Twins'

The pair got married in November 2021.

Paris Hilton is ready to be a mom! The Paris in Love star shared that her and husband, Carter Reum, are looking forward to starting a family.  

“I love being married,” Hilton said during an appearance on The Bellas podcast. “I just feel like, I finally found my perfect match and I just feel so safe. I finally have my home and I can’t wait to start a family and have kids.”  

Hilton, 41, and Reum, 41, tied the knot during a multi-day celebration in November. The “Stars Are Blind” singer added that no one else has made her feel like Reum has.  

“I just never felt like this in my life,” she added. “I trust him. It’s very hard to trust people, especially in L.A., especially the guys. So, I’m happy I found a guy that’s like from a small town and so sweet and [has] really good family values.” 

When it comes to starting a family, Hilton and Reum are seeing double.  


“We've been talking about kids since the beginning,” Hilton added. “Since the first couple months of dating. We would love to have twins, that would be amazing. We want like three or four." 

She continued, “I would like a twin boy and girl, just to get both. But whatever happens, happens. I would love that or twin girls because I love girls.” 

In January, Hilton teased the names of her future babies during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“The girl is going to be named London Marilyn Hilton Reum,” she revealed. “Marilyn after my grandmother, and London because it’s my favorite city and I think that Paris and London sound cute together.”   

When it came to the other names, the heiress remained tightlipped. “I’m not going to say yet because I'm scared someone is going to steal the name,” she said.   

When DeGeneres asked if she would keep up with the city theme, Hilton said yes, jokingly adding, “I’m going to trademark it.”