Patricia Clarkson Says Justin Timberlake Is 'Gifted Below the Waist'

The 58-year-old actress worked with the triple-threat star on the 'Friends With Benefits' movie.

Patricia Clarkson is spilling some major tea about Justin Timberlake.

On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Thursday, the 58-year-old actress played a game of “How Big Was It?” where she was made to answer a bunch of size related questions.

"Who had your biggest chance of being your friend with benefits on the set of Friends with Benefits?" host Andy Cohen asked Clarkson of her role as Mila Kunis' mom in the 2011 film.

"Hands down Justin Timberlake. Cause if we want to talk about big," Clarkson quipped.

"Wow, really?" a stunned Cohen asked.

"Sorry, Justin," Clarkson quickly apologized. "Oh god."

Cohen wasn’t done with getting the dirt! "Is Justin endowed well?" he inquired.

"Well, I had the good fortune to get to see him all there because they were shooting a scene where he couldn't put anything on," Clarkson shared. "He is a gorgeous man."

“He’s gifted below the waist,” Cohen pressed. "Oh, yes," she replied.

After Clarkson confirmed that the "Mirrors" singer is gifted below the waist Cohen couldn’t hide his delight.

"We’ve been doing this show for nine years, that’s maybe the best scoop ever," the 50-year-old host praised.

While Clarkson lamented, "Oh my god, his mother’s going to kill me," Cohen assured her that the 37-year-old pop singer would love the compliment. "Oh, he’s going to be thrilled by the way."

Also during the game, Clarkson also revealed that The Maze Runner gave her the biggest paycheck and she was most shocked to beat out Kathy Bates for an Emmy Award.

Clarkson wasn’t out of the woods just yet. The Easy A star also played a game of "Plead the Fifth," where she made her picks for best and worst onscreen kisses.

"It’s actually a man I just worked with. His name is Darwin Shaw and he’s gorgeous. He’s going to die when I talk about this, but I kissed him on House of Cards recently and I’m still thinking about it," Clarkson shared. "I’m sorry. And I’ve kissed a lot of men. And one or two ladies, but that was a long time ago. But I’m telling you, he’s exceptional."

Though she was more hesitant to give up the worst kisser, Cohen eventually wore her down.

"Oh god this is so hard," she cried. "Probably Robert Downey Jr. It didn’t work, yeah. [We kissed] on Good Night, and Good Luck."

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