Patricia Heaton Interviews Her 'Carol's Second Act' Co-Stars and the Answers Are Hilarious (Exclusive)

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Patricia Heaton is once again bringing the funny!

This week, her new sitcom, Carol's Second Act, is premiering on CBS and ET visited the set of the brand-new comedy, where the Everybody Loves Raymond alum quizzed her co-stars on a number of fun topics.

She started things off with an easy one, asking Ito Aghayere and Kyle MacLachlan: "Who is the greatest number one on the call list you've worked with?" Aghayere wisely answered, "Well, it's easy for me 'cause I wanna keep my job!" 

Later, the 61-year-old TV star asked, "Why should fans tune into our show?" To which Aghayere replied, "Patty, Patty, Patty! You tune in because of Patty."

"I mean, it's so funny. It's got you in it," Ashley Tisdale gushed when asked the same question, before giving the show's star a hug. "Gosh she gave the two right answers right away!" Heaton responded.

When MacLachlan was asked if he's had a second act in his life, the veteran actor confessed: "I don't know about a second act… So I'm working as a winemaker and that's a whole other side of things, but I haven't had a second act. This would be my second act from my first job, which was a greens keeper at a golf course making sand traps. This is my second act."

In the series, Heaton plays Dr. Carol Kenney, a woman who retires from teaching to become a doctor, sending her on a new adventure at an age when many are slowing down in life. While on the set, she chatted with ET about what attracted her to the role.

"On Everybody Loves Raymond and on The Middle, I played a mom in two different stages of mom-dom, so it was mom of toddlers and babies, and then mom of teens and going into college," the mother of four explained. "And I think I've explored mom for 18 years and I loved it and it corresponded to what was going on in my life at each stage, so I didn't even have to do the research for those shows so that was very cool." 

"But it was kind of a challenge to think what am I gonna do next?" she added. "If you're not going to play a mom, what would be a realistic role for me to take on that I would be interested in and that would be challenging for me and I think it's wonderful, you know, to show a woman of a certain age really stepping out, taking a leap of faith and trying out this really difficulty new thing that she's always wanted to do."

Carol's Second Act premieres Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 

Check out ET's set visit in the clip above.


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