Patrick Dempsey Confirms He'll Be in the 'Enchanted' Sequel, 'Disenchanted'

Amy Adams Patrick Dempsey Enchanted
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The actor says they hope to start filming 'Disenchanted' in the spring.

Patrick Dempsey is reprising another one of his beloved roles. The 55-year-old actor appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday and confirmed that he will be in Disenchanted, the sequel to his 2007 Disney hit, Enchanted, alongside Amy Adams.

Dempsey played Robert Philip in Enchanted, the New York City divorce lawyer Adams' character, Giselle, unexpectedly falls in love with. During his interview on Thursday, he held up the script for the sequel to the film.

"I just got this script for the second movie, and then I'm starting to go through and get notes together," he said. "There's talk that we'll be shooting that in the spring, which is exciting."

He also praised Adams, who perfectly embodied her fairytale princess role.

"Amy Adams is so amazing in that film," he said. "It was a fun project to be a part of."

Dempsey also talked about his surprise return to Grey's Anatomy in November, which shocked and delighted fans. He has already confirmed he will make more appearances this season on the long-running ABC medical drama.

"It was very healing for all of us and very inspiring," he said of his return as Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka "McDreamy." "It really felt great to see everybody, to work together again and do it in this way was really unusual and unexpected."

"And the fact that we pulled it off and no one knew that that was going to happen was really quite exciting, especially," he added.

Meanwhile, Dempsey spoke to ET back in 2018 about a possible Enchanted sequel.

"I think it's such a beloved movie, we need to make sure it's right before we move forward," he said at the time. "And certainly, Amy was remarkable in that film and she's an incredible actress and James Marsden as well. We'll see, I hope it can live up to what we did originally, that's the important thing. If it happens, then we do it."

As far as where he sees his character now, he mused, "He's probably 10 years older and [Giselle and Robert] are still together. They have a child together and I think they are battling what it means to be getting older and I think she wants to go back to Andalasia so she doesn't have to age. I think that's what it is, I don't know but we will see."

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