Paulina Rubio Opens Up About Heartbreak and How 'De Qué Sirve' Is Inspired by Her Life (Exclusive)

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Paulina Rubio is singing from the heart. 

The 48-year-old Mexican icon says her music is an extension of herself. "All my songs are basically a reflection of my life," Rubio tells ET exclusively ahead of the release of her new music video, "De Qué Sirve."

The Chica Dorada returns to her roots with the ranchera-pop track about giving your all to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Co-written by Rubio, Andrés Castro and Edgar Barrera, the "corta venas" song about heartbreak is something that the Mexican singer identifies with. 

"I'm very passionate, and rancheras are very passionate. This is the kind of pop song that opened a lot of gates for my internationality back in the day and all my fans have been asking me to do a song like this," Rubio explains. Watch the video above for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Rubio's new music video.

As for heartache in her personal life, Rubio admits that she's had her fair share. "Oh yeah, definitely, and it makes me stronger and better," she acknowledges. "Most of my songs are a reflection of true stories that have happened in my life."

"Who could not say love is also painful, but it makes you a better person," Rubio adds. "And when you apply humor -- and tequila -- it’s easier."

The accompanying music video for "De Qué Sirve" -- directed by Milcho -- showcases that humor with a "mangrilla" who is more than "bananas," as she puts it, and "he's the character that explodes inside my heart."

Of course, Rubio knows that the heartbreak will pass and the best way to get over it -- aside from singing about it -- is "doing exercise and looking better than ever (laughs)!"

The "Yo No Soy Esa Mujer" songstress, meanwhile, still considers herself a romantic, expressing, "I would go over and over [with] the heartbreak in order to be the woman that I am today."

With over 35 years in the industry, Rubio continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Calling herself a "chameleon," she has tackled every genre from ranchera, pop, rock and dance.

"I'm very proud of the type of music that I [produce] in Spanglish, in Spanish and in English. I believe I’ve been crossing borders since many, many years ago," Rubio explains. "I’m very proud of who I am right now and I’m very proud of being Mexican, Latina, [someone] that makes [their] dreams come true. I’m living my dream now."

"I want to leave a legacy of truth. I want to leave freedom of speech. I don’t believe in genres, I believe music is a universal language," she adds.

Of course, she also believes in having her downtime and spending time with her family and her two sons, Eros, 3, and Andrea, 9. With Christmas just around the corner, Rubio will have that. 

"I will be with my family, then going to a dinner party, going to reset, to be in the ocean, to feel the breeze, to meditate," she shares. "And just to thank God for everything. To be happy, a todo lo que viene y a todo lo que he vivido."

Part of her Christmas traditions, she says, include eating nonstop, cooking a turkey, making a number of tasty dishes -- "no parar de comer" -- giving gifts and breaking piñatas.

"We love piñatas, and we have two. One piñata for the children and one piñata for the [grown-ups] with different things," Rubio says.

And in the new year, it's back to delivering new music to her fans, known as PauPowers, and preparing for another tour.

"We’re releasing songs more frequently than ever. You know that the industry has been changing a lot. I bring out a message of love every three months," she shares. "I made this promise to my fans and I’m doing that. I’m releasing a song every two to three months."

"We’re going to be working on a new tour for 2020. I can’t wait to announce that early next year," she continues. "I had a chance to be with my PauPowers and to have the U.S. tour a few months ago and more to come. Of course, I’ll be doing TV as a judge, as a coach and I am for sure doing that as well to para apoyar las nuevas generaciones."

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