Pete Davidson Cracks Up on 'SNL' While Talking About Buying a Staten Island Ferry With Colin Jost

The Staten Island natives purchased a retired ferry boat.

Pete Davidson couldn't contain himself during a funny segment for Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. The comedian popped on to discuss the recent news that he and Colin Jost, fellow Staten Island native and Weekend Update anchor, purchased a Staten Island Ferry boat together. 

Appropriately, they discussed the sale with co-star Alex Moffat, who was playing his recurring character -- a guy who just bought a boat. 

"Hey! We bought a ferry, the windowless van of the sea," Davidson quipped. 

"Yes, it's very exciting. We thought the whole thing through," Jost sarcastically added. 

While discussing their difficulties parking the boat, Davidson told Moffat, "Well actually, our boat is 300 feet long."

Moffat replied, "Ew, look, it's the width that counts. My boat is like a tuna can," prompting Davidson to burst out laughing. He struggled to compose himself as the sketch went on. 

Davidson and Jost are among a group of investors who won an auction and purchased the retired ferry boat for $280,100. 

Speaking to The New York Times about the recent auction win, Paul Italia, a fellow investor who was referenced in the sketch, said the group is considering turning the ferry into "an arts and entertainment venue."