Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' Contestants Clarify Their Relationship After Fans Think They're Dating

Alexa Caves and Jasmine Nguyen

'We don't want to mislead anyone.'

Peter Weber's contestants did not find love with each other, despite fan speculation to the contrary. Bachelor Nation was abuzz after Jasmine Nguyen took to Instagram earlier this month to share a shot of herself with Alexa Caves. Both women competed on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor and were sent home during the third week.

The pic in question featured the two women sitting close to each other while out to eat in Chicago, where Caves lives. "Spoiler: we did find love after all?," Nguyen captioned the cute shot. 

Fans quickly took to the comments to express hope that the pair were really dating, but Caves shut down the relationship speculation in a post to her Instagram Story on Tuesday. Nguyen also shared Caves' message on her Story.

"I wasn't going to address this because I thought it would just blow over, but I see now I'm getting a lot of questions and the story seems to be getting bigger. We don't want to mislead anyone," Caves wrote. "Jay and I are not dating. She's one of my best friends. I'm sorry to get your hopes up! That would be a great story."

As for Nguyen's seemingly flirty caption, Caves wrote, "She really just thought that was a cute caption and didn't think much of it."

"Jay is beautiful, kind, down to earth and also very straight," Caves, who identifies as sexually fluid, added. "Here's to our friendship."


While Nguyen and Caves didn't find love with each other or Weber, the Bachelor himself is still in the midst of his journey, where he is down to his final two contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

When ET spoke with Weber at the Women Tell All taping last month, he said that the drama "continued to unfold until the very last second."

"It was the toughest, toughest last week of my life and you'll see what that means," he teased.

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