'The Bachelor': Kelsey Weier on Whether She's Still in Love With Peter Weber (Exclusive)

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Kelsey Weier really fell for Peter Weber

"When I came on the show, I came on it for one reason, and that was honestly to find love. I didn't expect to fall for Peter, but I did. So, my end goal was to be with him," she told ET's Lauren Zima at The Bachelor: Women Tell All taping on Feb. 21. The special aired on Monday night. 

Though seeing Weber face-to-face at the Tell All was emotional for Weier, she said she's "moved on." "I think I was in love with him, but I've done a lot of soul searching and re-watching the show, reliving the show. I've realized that my feelings were real, but I've also moved on," she shared. "I've appreciated our relationship and I've learned a lot from it and all I can do is grow from it."

The Iowa native placed fourth on Weber's season of The Bachelor, which could have made her a viable candidate for Bachelorette, despite her rough start to the season (#ChampagneGate anyone?). However, Clare Crawley was announced to have won the gig on Good Morning America on Monday.

Weier told ET at the Women Tell All taping that had not had any formal discussions about becoming the Bachelorette. Weber did tell ET that Weier was his choice for the position. "I honestly haven't been talked to about it, so I really haven't been thinking about it," she explained.

The former Miss Iowa USA didn't seem too excited about pursuing romance on another Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise. "The heat might be a little too much for me. Costa Rica was a lot... half my makeup was sweating off," she joked, adding that she's doubtful #TequilaGate could beat #ChampagneGate. 

Weier has grown proud of that meme-worthy moment -- and all the crying she did on the show. She was even rewarded for her tears by fellow famous Bachelor crier Ashley Iaconetti duringWomen Tell All, who gifted her with a giant bottle of champagne. (It will join her fridge full of the beverage, she told ET.)

"Crying is cool!" Weier said. "[But] I don't think it was just me that was crying so much." 

"I think because Chris Harrison put it out there at the beginning that I'm the most emotional person... everyone was just waiting for every little moment that I had of crying. Am I emotional? Absolutely. I'm not going to deny that. Do I cry as much in normal life as I do on the show? No. I don't," she added. 

It was Weier's tears that sparked her beef with fellow contestant Tammy Ly, who said she was worried about how emotional she was, accused her of having "alcoholic tendencies," and brought up an allegation of pill popping. Weier has denied all such claims. 

"This is the thing. When you're on the show... you get two drinks an hour. Your medication is taken from you, it's handed to you by the doctor, you get five pills a week. Like, everything is super monitored, so I was a little confused by those accusations," Weier told ET. "And also, she wasn't one of my friends, so for her to come to me and express those accusations and want to do it on camera and not off camera -- because we had the opportunity to talk about it off camera -- was just a little manipulative to me and that's what didn't sit well with me."

"I was not accusing her of having an addiction problem," Ly said. "She was coping with her emotions by drinking, and you know, we have all been to the club after a breakup. We are going to cry when we are upset, you know?" 

So, have Weier and Ly settled their beef? "Everything is fine, OK? Everyone is fine," Ly insisted. "We do actually really love each other." 

Weier had a somewhat different idea. "[We're] frenemies," she said. 

Weber's season finale of The Bachelor will air next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. ET's Lauren Zima will be recapping next week's season finale, directly after the episodes. Watch ET Live on your Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV or you can stream on Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus.


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