'Bachelor' Fans Can't Stop Tweeting About Kelsey's #ChampagneGate -- See the Funniest Reactions

ABC/Randy Holmes

Pour a glass of bubbly and settle in for some of these hilarious fan reactions to the The Bachelor’s latest trending topic -- #champagnegate.

During the latest episode of the ABC reality series, Kelsey excitedly prepared to enjoy her birthday bottle of Dom Perignon with Peter Weber.

Yet, as she got ready to crack open the pricey bottle, which she had been saving for a year, pop went her bubbly dreams in the next room!

It turned out rival contestant Hannah Ann was already enjoying the bottle with Peter, who tried to mend fences by presenting Kelsey the bottle that Hannah was supposed to have opened.

However, as she started drinking from the bottle it exploded and fans can’t get enough of the hilarious scene, with many taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

One viewer compared the incident to a scene from The Office, while another posted a GIF implying that the show’s producers had shaken up the bottle so that it would explode.

Another fan backed Kelsey’s horrified reaction to the unauthorized corking but posting a photo showing the stark price difference of the two bottles involved.

“If Kelsey can get through this cocktail party, I can get through anything. #ChampagneGate #TheBachelor,” wrote another fan.

Even The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who has seen endless cringe-worthy moments on the show, urged his followers not to miss the scene.

“I’m warning you #ChampagneGate is must see, cringe worthy tv like never before #TheBachelor,” he tweeted.

See more fun reactions below.

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