'The Bachelor': Peter Weber Ends Things With Hannah Brown But Promo Teases They Might Not Be Over

Here's how Peter and Hannah left their emotional conversation -- and what happened next.


Peter Weber's journey to find love may have just started, but we're already looking forward to finding out how it ends

The Bachelor kicked things off with a bang with Peter's jam-packed, jaw-dropping premiere last week, which ended in the pilot shockingly asking his ex, Hannah Brown, to join his season. 

"Yes, [I was in love with her]," he admitted to ET in a candid interview last Tuesday. "I'm not going to lie."

"I thought I was in a really good spot," Peter explained. "I would not have done this, I swear to God, if I thought I wasn't ready to move on."

Monday night's episode picked up right where it left off, with Hannah and Peter confronted by what they had just revealed to each other. Within minutes, however, their romance came to a sudden halt, with the Bachelor declaring he needed to get back to the other women. Those ladies in the house did their best to up the drama factor without Hannah, as Hannah Ann and Kelsey fought it out over a bottle of champagne and Victoria F. had a breakdown over her lack of self-confidence.

It was sufficiently entertaining -- but then came the FIRE promo, in which Peter, ready to hand out his final rose, vowed not to "let her go." Who is the mysterious woman, and could it be Hannah, fresh off of her DWTS victory? We'll have to wait a few weeks -- or longer -- to find out. For now, scroll down through our live blog for the night's highlights.


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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