'The Bachelor': Peter Weber Gets a Bombshell Warning About Victoria and Madison Prepares an Ultimatum

It's the beginning of the end.

It's the beginning of the end! 

We made it through Hannah Brown's return, Peter Weber's run-in with an imaginary jaguar, and Mykenna's tongue... and now we've made it through meeting the family. 

Peter said adios to his South American adventures and hola to four sets of skeptical parents as The Bachelor headed to hometowns on Monday night's episode. The Delta pilot traveled to Auburn, Alabama, for Madison, Knoxville, Tennessee, for Hannah Ann, Des Moines, Iowa, for Kelsey and Virginia Beach, Virginia, for Victoria F... where the drama only got more dramatic. 

"It's a very unique hometowns [episode]," Peter teased to ET. "Something that occurs this hometowns, I don't think has ever happened before on the show. I know there's gonna be a lot of opinions about it, and you guys just have to believe me and trust me that I was following my heart." 

"It's not gonna make sense to a lot of people and I get that," he continued. "But I made the right decision."

We quickly found out what decision didn't make sense -- and that was keeping Victoria over Kelsey after that bombshell allegation against her -- and the huge fight she and Peter had afterwards. 

Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of what went down. 


Then the promo -- for the first time in we don't know how long, all three women are still together for fantasy suite week, and it looks like Madison gives Peter an ultimatum. 

Peter admits he's in love with all three women. "It's kind of a black-and-white situation," Madison explains. "I wouldn't be able to move forward if you have slept with other women." 

Next Up

Peter returns to the group and tells the ladies that he has faith in the process. 

Next up, Australia! But first -- Madison has something she needs to tell him. 

"Next week is fantasy suite week, and I don't think Peter knows how much I'm struggling," she tells the camera, before running after him. 

He Didn't

Peter looks troubled as Kelsey cries in the limo ride... to different airport? 

"I fell and he didn't," she concedes. "And it hurts really bad." 


Peter sits with Kelsey on the bench outside the airplane hangar, and she says she's in shock. 

Peter commends her for her honesty. "You deserve for me to be the exact same way with you... when you told me that you loved me, that meant the world to me, but I wasn't there," he explains. 

"OK," Kelsey says. Peter gives her a hug goodbye and sends her on her way.


We can see the devastation on Kelsey's face, and she gets a moment to tell all the other ladies she loves them. 

Peter awkwardly approaches and asks to walk her out. 

Rose Goes

Hannah Ann gets the first rose, followed by Madison. 

The final rose goes to................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................



Rose Time

Peter and his scar greet the women. "This decision is so difficult for me, and I know I have to say goodbye to one of you tonight, and that breaks my heart," he says. 

With that, it's rose time. 


Kelsey is here in green velvet, and Victoria kind of matches her in a green silk number. 

"I'm nervous," she tells Chris Harrison. Victoria feels DRAINED EMOTIONALLY but we're ready to get to this rose ceremony. 

"He didn't get to meet my family, so Peter and I are probably not moving forward," she guesses. 


Madison arrives, and she's got some sassy new earrings and a sassy new jumpsuit to go with it. Werk, girl! 

She's hopeful for a rose, but she's also concerned about "what happens next." Next up, Hannah Ann arrives. She's anxious and READY to see what happens. 


We're back in LA, and we get shots of everyone getting all glammed up for the rose ceremony.

Peter notes that he didn't meet Victoria's family, but still sees potential there. "I don't know who I'm sending home," he confesses. 


Victoria sobs in the hallway as she waits for the elevator, and Peter contemplates what just happened from the comforts of his hotel room. 

And scene!

Victoria(n Photo)

Peter tells Victoria he doesn't want to make any decision now, and she apologizes again (BUT DOESN'T ADDRESS THE CLAIMS FURTHER). 

Victoria gives Peter a hug and their Victorian-era photo and leaves. 

The Next Morning

The next morning, Peter describes how "conflicted" he was about Victoria -- and then she shows up at his hotel room apologizing. 

"I hate this, but I feel like you don't even want me to love you the way I want to love you. ... I get so confused when it just blows up with us... I feel like we have no communication skill. We don't understand each other in that regard," Peter confesses, calling their relationship "terrifying." 

Victoria again starts to sob. "I don't know. I'm trying so hard. And I know it's probably not good enough right now... I've never tired like this... but for some reason, I just can't walk away from you. I can't," she says. 

"If you don't want to continue with me, I understand. I can't let you leave and you not know that I'm falling in love with you and I have these feelings for you," she continues.  


Victoria eventually cools off and comes back to speak with Peter, who is visibly distressed but still apologetic. "I really didn't come in here trying to attack you, and if somehow it came off I was taking her side and not yours, I'm sorry for that, because that's not what I was doing," Peter tells her.

"I like, adore you. I literally wanted to tell you I was falling in love with you," Victoria says, telling Peter that she could see by his face that he was taking Merissa's side.

"I was concerned by what she had told me about you," Peter reasons. "Have you not seen this entire time how much I"ve cared for you, and how much you have meant to me? The worst part is that this is the second time now, you have just gotten up."

"I just feel like I was so excited," Victoria says, bursting into tears. "I finally felt like you were someone who like, I could be with. I had high hopes for you to meet my family, and I'm just so disappointed. I care about you so much, but I'm so like, I'm embarrassed." 

Peter hugs Victoria, telling her she "deserves to be loved," and then gets in his car and drove away. 

Walking Away

Peter tries to be "real" with Victoria, but by this point, their fight had turned into an argument about fighting for their relationship instead of the allegation Peter had just heard from Merissa. 

"I am so done with this conversation. I can't. I'm so done," Victoria says, walking away into the street and turning her back to the camera. "Like, I can't. I'm so serious." 

"I'm so done! I hate this!" she sobs in the dark. "Every time -- it's like I can't catch a break!" 

Boiling Point

Peter's frustrations seem to reach a boiling point. "Do you think that I enjoy this right now? ... Do you think there's any way I couldn't address this? That I could just come into this house with you tonight and go meet your family after being told that?" he asks.

The pilot pleads to talk it out, but Victoria isn't having it, telling Peter that his quest for the "truth" "doesn't matter anymore." 

"I just walked up here. I did not accuse you of anything. I simply told you what had happened," Peter says. 

"You're supposed to meet my family tonight, and you decided what Merissa told you was more important than meeting my entire family!" Victoria shoots out.

Then things take an interesting turn, with Peter suggesting Victoria wasn't fighting for their relationship. Newsflash, Peter -- she hasn't. And not every relationship needs to be fought for. "Do you ever fight for anything that you really want? Because I haven't felt you really fight for this," Peter says

"Really? You haven't? That's funny," Victoria replies, in the most condescending tone we've ever heard on this show. 


Victoria is ANNOYED. "For her to say that is very disappointing," Victoria says. "I haven't broken up any relationships, so what relationship did she say that I broke up?" 

"She didn't give me details, but these are her words. And obviously you can see how that would put me in a bad headspace," Peter suggests.

"I'm like, just disgusted right now," Victoria replies, with her attitude towards Peter growing by the second. 

"Victoria, have you not heard my words?" Peter asks her, confused by her reaction. 

"No, I haven't! Because you literally just told me that you don't..." Victoria trails off, as Peter tries to explain he was asking her a question. "It's literally so much drama all the f**king time! I'm so ready to just like, not."

The Biggest Bomb

Peter meets Victoria on her driveway, and she immediately knows something is wrong.

"You know how on our first date at that concert, you had an ex there? Today, I had an ex there too. Her name is Merissa. We just kind of chatted for a bit, and she brought some stuff up to my attention that she thought that I should know," Peter begins. "She told me that you've caused a lot of other relationships to end. I don't know what she's referring to, but those are her words. And for me, that was like, the biggest bomb."


Victoria tells the camera that she's glad Peter saw a side of her that was "less crazy." She's into Peter now, 35 weeks in -- it hasn't been that long, but it's felt like it -- and can't wait for him to meet her family. 

Uh Oh

"What? You know Victoria?" Peter asks. 

"I do. I actually used to be friends with her, and things happened probably a couple months ago, and we're just not friends anymore," Merissa continues. "I've tried to mend the relationship, just because we have mutual friends, and I'm best friends with one of her friends that was here today, but I just feel like -- I want to say this to you, because again, I know who you are is a good person, and I don't think you deserve that. There's been many relationships broken up because of her, and I don't think it's a good relationship for you. Again, I know you're a great guy. We never had any problems ever. So, that's all I want to say to you."

Peter can't hide his shock and disappointment. "You do realize how serious this is for me and her?" he asks Merissa, who tells him that she did, and encouraged him to make his own decisions. 

"I would hate to see that come to fruition for you," she says in one final warning, before Peter leaves her with a hug and heads off to find his car. 

"That was a complete bomb that just got dropped. I was having the most beautiful time with Victoria today, and I'm confused right now," Peter tells the camera. "I honestly don't know how to go about this." 

Be Careful

Peter then runs into his ex, Merissa. 

"Just -- can I say something? Be careful. That's all I'm going to say," Merissa begins. "I'm from here, and I just know what a good guy you are, and I would hate for any of who you are to be affected by somebody else. So, that's really all I'll say -- but I know that you're a great guy, and I don't think you deserve what you're on a date with right now."


Theme Song

Peter is on cloud nine, singing Hunter Hayes and how he doesn't want easy -- he wants CRAZY and that 100 percent is Victoria's theme song. 


Mrs. Weber

Hunter Hayes is here -- and it doesn't look like Victoria dated him. 

"I'm getting married, Mrs. Weber!" Victoria jokes to the camera after seeing Peter's reaction. "I think tonight will just be an amazing end to a beautiful day." 

At Ease

Victoria is "at ease" in her hometown, with only Peter to focus on. 

"Today, I'm just having the best time... I feel like I can finally be myself around him," she gushes to the camera. 

She has one last surprise for him -- her favorite spot in Virginia Beach. 

Smooth Sailing

Peter meets Victoria at her hometown in Virginia Beach. They play with her dog on the beach and then take some old time photos. 

Peter knows they've had some challenges in their relationship, but is hoping for smooth sailing. 


Peter and Madison rehash their day, and she DOESN'T tell him she's falling in love with him. 

"Tonight was harder than I thought it was going to be. Her parents grilled me... but after going through it... it makes me feel really confident about us. And I love Madison," Peter admits. 


Madison tells her father that she needs their support to move forward, and her dad says he's concerned about how short of a time they've known each other. 

"I don't want him to ask you to do anything," Madison's dad says. 

The Last Week

Peter tells Madison's father that he told her he's falling in love with her. 

"She's so pure. Obviously she's shared her strong faith, her morals with you... do you feel you guys are compatible?" Madi's dad asks. 

Peter says he's willing to put the work in. "I'm asking  you a really tough question... do you know?" Madi's dad asks. 

"If this was the last week," Peter begins. 

"Obviously this is not the last week," her dad cuts him off. 

"I just can't give you an answer right now, and I'm sorry about that," Peter says. 


Madison starts crying, and tells her mom she hasn't fully spoken to Peter about her views of intimacy and how she wants to wait until marriage. 

"I am saving myself for marriage," she tells the camera. 

Her mom encourages her to maintain her standards -- and says if Peter respects it, she'll know what to do. 


Don't Know

Madison's mom wants to find out if Madison has told Peter about her "faith decisions." 

"He has the kindest heart I've ever met," Madison gushes. 

"I really don't know what to think," Madison's mom says. 'You seem very happy, and he seems very nice, and obviously he's very handsome... but just... don't know." 

Special Plate


After the compliments, it's time to pray. 

More Tears

Peter arrives at Madison's home -- he'll be meeting her mom, dad, and siblings??? We weren't paying close enough attention SORRY. 

Peter has flowers again, and her family gets emotional seeing her again. Everyone loves to cry on this show!!!!

Not There Yet

Peter says he can't get enough of Madison. He notes Madison never told him she's falling in love back, but he feels it. 

"I'm feeling really, really, really good," she tells the camera. "If tonight goes how I hope it goes, I could definitely be falling in love." 


Peter and Madison battle it out on the court, but Peter gets some shots in. 

"I'm nervous for today," he tells her after the game. "Do you think [your parents] think this can work?" 

Madison is confident, but WE'VE SEEN THE PROMOS. 


Peter meets the head coach, who tells him all about Madison's family and how much he loves him. Then he puts Madi and Peter to the test with some basketball drillz, and Madi shows off her skillz. 

"It makes me so happy seeing Peter be a part of this environment and this world," Madison gushes. 

Charles Barkley

Madison takes Peter to the Auburn Arena, and they get a big welcome on the jumbotron. Oh, and then there's Charles Barkley, who warns Peter he better treat Madison "right." 

"I have strict orders from Charles Barkley," Peter tells the camera. 


We're in Auburn, Alabama, for Madison's hometown. They meet up at Auburn University, which she says has shaped so much of who she is. 


Heart Has Fallen

Peter and Kelsey sit outside to round out the day, just like he did with Hannah Ann. 

"Thank you so much for just always being you, and my heart has definitely fallen," Peter tells her, and then he kisses her. Wow, switching it up with the language! Heart HAS FALLEN! 

Peter says goodbye and drives off. 

A Family of Criers

Kelsey tears up talking about how scared she is to get her heart broken. "If I come home brokenhearted, we'll just pick up the pieces," she tells her stepdad. 

Kelsey tells her mom that she's cried so much during this process and now her mom is crying over how scared she is. A FAMILY OF CRIERS. This is where she gets it from!

100 Percent

Peter tells Kelsey's mom that he sees a lot of similarities between him and Kelsey. 

Kelsey's mom says nobody's ever "done this," but we're not sure that "this" means. Still, Kelsey's mom has concerns. "Don't break my girl's heart. Do you understand?" she asks Peter, who says he "100 percent" does. 

Checking Boxes

Kelsey goes off to chat with her sisters, and says they've had to "overcome stuff" like #ChampagneGate. OK, she doesn't specifically mention the incident, but we wish she would have. 

She says Peter checks off a lot of boxes, and that she'd accept his proposal. 


Peter meets Kelsey's very blonde family. "I hope that they, at the end of tonight, can see the connection Kelsey and I have." 

They all sit down for dinner and Peter's favorite -- WINE! He makes a toast to Kelsey's family but doesn't mention how their relationship began with #ChampagneGate. 


Peter loves people telling him they love him, and now he can't wait to meet Kelsey's family. 

"It did feel good to let him know," Kelsey says. "I am in love with Peter." 

Kelsey tells Peter she didn't expect to feel this way, and we are so distracted by his gloves and beanie. 

Another Love Confession

Kelsey knows she's in love with Peter, and is really to tell him. 

"I know how I feel about you, and... I can honestly say that I'm in love with you," she reveals. "I know my family will see that." 

Peter SAYS NOTHING and kisses her. Sounds about right. 


Peter says he knows Kelsey is ready for marriage, and he's ready to have some fun. 

"Kelsey and I, we've definitely enjoyed a lot of wine," Peter says. "I can't think of a more fitting date... than making our own blend of wine." 

Peter gushes over his relationship with Kelsey not being "bland" and then talks about the "aftertaste" -- THIS IS NOT HOW WE WOULD DESCRIBE THIS RELATIONSHIP. 

Call Back

Peter is in Kelsey's hometown in Iowa, and instead of drinking wine, they're making it. 

Is this a call back to her champagne crisis at the beginning of the season? 

In Love

Hannah Ann one-ups him. "I am in love with you," she gushes. "I am devoted and I'm committed." 

"This is gonna work," she tells Peter. 

Peter says he can see himself proposing to Hannah Ann, and says goodbye. 

"I'm in love with you," Hannah whispers. 

He Said It

"I will only tell her that if I really know that's how I feel," Peter promises to the camera. 

He chats with Hannah Ann outside (how is this date already over?) and opens up about how his talk with her dad went. "He kind of gave me a little warning tonight," Peter says. "I know how I'm feeling about you, and I can honestly say that I'm falling in love with you." 

"Just being here tonight with your family, it feels so right, and you make me so happy," he adds, going in for a kiss. 


Hannah Ann's dad gives it to Peter straight. "There is other young ladies involved," he notes. 

"There's something real here and it's just been week after week just climbing like crazy," Peter says. Hannah Ann's dad doesn't look too excited. 

Peter says he's falling in love with Hannah Ann, and her dad still doesn't look happy. "I wasn't expecting that, for you say that... when you say that to her, that's very, very serious for her to hear that," he says. "I'd rather you not say that unless you truly mean it... don't even waste a word." 

A Warning

Peter tells Hannah Ann's mom that she's told him she's falling in love with him. He says he wants to tell Hannah Ann she feels the same. 

"I'm going to support her, but her dad is -- she's the oldest, and she's the first girl, and her dad would need to hear some version of that... he's not going to give her away to just anybody," Hannah Ann's mom warns. 

Not Crying

Hannah Ann sits down to chat with her sister, and shows her the letter Peter just wrote her. Her sister starts crying, Hannah Ann starts crying, and we're NOT crying. 

"I have never seen you this happy before," Hannah Ann's sister says. 


"Can you honestly sit here and tell me tonight it's not just a flash in a pan?" Hannah Ann's dad tells the camera. He is SKEPTICAL. 


Not Impressed

Flowers in hand, Peter prepares to meet Hannah Ann's family. Her mom is already crying. 

"Seeing the emotion in her family... it's so beautiful to see," Peter gushes. No one loves crying more than Peter. 

Hannah Ann's mom is so excited about their date, but her dad DOES NOT LOOK IMPRESSED. 

Hoping For

After their axe throwing adventure, Peter returns the favor and shows Hannah Ann the letter he wrote about her. 

"This is for you," he tells her, and her heart is MELTING. "That's what I was hoping for. 

Real Man

Hannah Ann says her dad is tough -- so she's ready to make a "real man" out of Peter. 

She takes Peter axe throwing in an attempt to show her dad that "California boy" Peter can hang. 

Peter isn't the most natural of axe throwers, but eventually he hits the bullseye. 

First Hometown

Peter has had a GREAT time in Peru, and he thinks one of the remaining women will be his wife. 

First off -- Hannah Ann's hometown in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

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