'Bachelor' Peter Weber's Final Four: Everything We Know About Madison, Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Victoria F.

It's time for hometowns.

Peter Weber is headed to hometowns! 

The 28-year-old pilot will get to know his final four better as he meets their families on Monday's episode of The Bachelor. He'll travel to Auburn, Alabama, for Madison, Knoxville, Tennessee, for Hannah Ann, Des Moines, Iowa, for Kelsey and Virginia Beach, Virginia, for Victoria F. 

"It's a very unique hometowns [episode]," Peter previously told ET's Lauren Zima. "Something that occurs this hometowns, I don't think has ever happened before on the show. I know there's gonna be a lot of opinions about it, and you guys just have to believe me and trust me that I was following my heart." 

"It's not gonna make sense to a lot of people and I get that," he continued. "But I made the right decision."

The half-Cuban Bachelor told ET that his frontrunner "did not change" after week four, but also noted his heart was "being pulled in four different ways." 

"I've really, really fallen for each of these women. All these women are very different," he said. "I remember talking to Chris [Harrison] actually, and he's like, 'You're not gonna feel 100 percent confident necessarily about any real decision at this point, because you are so invested with so many women.' And that was really, really hard for me to just come to grips with that."

As Peter prepares to make his choice, here's what to know about Peter's final four ladies: 


HER BACKGROUND: Peter will be heading to Madison's hometown of Auburn, Alabama, to meet her family on next Monday's episode. The 23-year-old has strong ties to her community, having won four state basketball championships throughout her high school career, during which she was coached by her dad. Madison competed in the 2014 Miss Alabama Teen USA pageant, and in 2018, she graduated from Auburn University. She also attended seminary school at Highlands College, and now works as a foster parent recruiter for an organization in Birmingham, Alabama. 

HER STORY: Madison has managed to stay out of the drama so far this season, and while she earned the first one-on-one date (to Peter's parents' vow renewal), her story on the show is just getting started. Fans saw Madison open up about the importance of her faith on Monday night's episode, telling Peter that she's searching for a husband who can lead her family in faith as her father does. Peter admitted that his faith could be stronger, but also told Madison that he's falling in love with her (which she did not reciprocate). Promos for the journey ahead show Madison revealing that she's waiting to have sex until marriage -- which might not bode well for her relationship with Peter. He's seen admitting to getting intimate with a woman in his season. 

WHAT PETER HAS SAID: When asked about Madison and her lack of involvement in drama in the house, Peter admitted he "never got too down and too discouraged because I knew that I was gonna be OK in the end."

As for his reveal that he's falling in love with her, Peter said he was being "honest." "Madison and I had an amazing dinner conversation. That whole date was just very beautiful. She's just very honest with me, and opened up about something that was very important to her, a very important part of her life, and I was very honest with her as well," he shared. "I just feel like at that point, it was just a really good moment for us moving forward and just understanding each other a little bit more. I loved that conversation. I loved my entire date with her."

Hannah Ann 

HER BACKGROUND: The 23-year-old model is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and like pretty much half the cast this season, she also has a history of pageants. Hannah Ann was first runner-up in the 2015 Miss Tennessee Teen USA competition, served as Miss Knoxville, and placed fourth in the 2017 Miss Tennessee USA competition. She's signed to Wilhelmina Models and already has connections to Bachelor Nation; she starred in Lauren Bushnell's now-husband, Chris Lane's, music video for "I Don't Know About You" in 2018, and is good friends with Hannah Godwin. 

HER STORY: Hannah Ann made waves fast this season, after stealing Peter several times on night one. That persistence ended up earning her the first impression rose, and she's consistently caught Peter's eye. She was involved in drama at the beginning of the season with that #ChampagneGate explosion with Kelsey, but has since strayed further from the cattiness in the house. Peter's concerns about their relationship were brought up on the Feb. 5 episode, as he expressed his worries about her age and the fact that she's never been in love before. Hannah Ann convinced Peter that's she's ready for marriage and serious about their relationship, and he'll be meeting her family in Knoxville. 

WHAT PETER HAS SAID: Peter told ET that his relationship with Hannah Ann really took off with their one-on-one date. "I definitely did have some concerns with Hannah Ann from the beginning and that's a very beautiful story here that I think is really going to start to take off between the two of us," he revealed. "There really hasn't been too much of a connection, and it definitely begins here."


HER BACKGROUND: Another pageant girl! Kelsey won Miss Iowa USA 2017. She's a former hairstylist from Des Moines, and when Peter visits her family, he'll meet her twin sister and other siblings. Kelsey opened up to Peter about her complicated family dynamics on her one-on-one date in Cleveland, and revealed more during her date on Monday's episode. Her parents are no longer together, and while her sisters don't talk to their estranged father, she still does -- but her mom doesn't know about it (but she probably does now). 

HER STORY: Kelsey rose to prominence this season with #ChampagneGate, during which she accused Hannah Ann of purposely drinking the special champagne she had brought from home. She erupted on the model, causing Hannah Ann to tell Peter that Kelsey was bullying her. While that drama was eventually put to bed, Kelsey found herself feuding with another woman in the house, Tammy, who expressed concern over her constant crying. Kelsey then cried over that situation in a surprise visit to Peter on the Feb. 3 episode -- and the drama continued. Peter called his and Kelsey's relationship mature on Monday night's episode, so he's clearly into it. 

WHAT PETER HAS SAID: Peter confessed to ET that his connection with Kelsey was built on a bridge of her tears. OK, not really, but also kind of. He just likes seeing women's emotions -- and Kelsey has a lot of them. "I definitely connect with someone that can connect with me on an emotional level," he shared. "Back with Kelsey on our first date, we're both having like a-- not a sob story but just like, just really breaking down and feeling each other, like, emotionally." 

Victoria F. 

HER BACKGROUND: From Virginia Beach, Victoria F. graduated from Old Dominion University in 2015 with a degree in economics. She previously worked as a recruiter at TEKsystems, as a substitute teacher in the Virginia Beach public school system, and as a medical sales rep. Thanks to The Bachelor, we also know she previously dated Chase Rice, while rumors have circulated about her dating life with other, non-famous people (and we might be seeing some of that come to light during her hometown date with Peter). Oh, and that Cosmopolitan cover she won during that group date in Costa Rica was pulled digitally by the magazine in response to her modeling in "White Lives Matter" clothing. Read more on that here

HER STORY: While Kelsey's seen probably the most drama with the other women this season, Victoria's been embroiled in all the real-life drama the show has to offer. Her ex, Chase, performed during her first one-on-one with Peter, providing for many, many tears. Weeks later, she got a do-over date with the Bachelor, but didn't seem that into him. Despite her attitude and overall lack of interest in staying, Peter really, really likes Victoria. 

WHAT PETER HAS SAID: Peter addressed the scandal over Victoria's "White Lives Matter" photos during his interview with ET, saying he "in no way supports that type of campaign." While it's been reported that the clothing was part of a campaign for Marlin conservation, Peter said there's "no defending that." 

"The Victoria that I got to know on the show, I never would have ever expected anything like this to come out with her," Peter said. "I don't know if she was fully aware of what she was doing when she was modeling for that campaign."

"It's unfortunate that she partook in that and in that type of campaign and I think if she could do it over again, she would," he shared. "I hope she has a chance to address the public and make things right."

Four will become three on next week's episode, after Peter meets the families. The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.