Pink Slams Hateful Comments After Showing Support for Black Lives Matter Movement

Pink at 2019 Brit Awards
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Pink is responding to a handful of haters who have been leaving comments on her Instagram posts that support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Over the weekend, the singer reposted a powerful message written by Billie Eilish, who spoke out following the fatal arrest of George Floyd. Eilish attempted to explain, in simple terms, why saying "All Lives Matter" is wrong and hurtful.

"No one is saying your life is not hard. No one is saying literally anything at all about you. All you mfs do is find a way to make everything about yourself," Eilish wrote. "This is not about you. Stop making everything about you. You are not in need. You are not in danger. I'm going to try to explain this as if you were a child..."

While the majority of Eilish's followers praised her for speaking up and educating her fans on white privilege, some still didn't get it, and weren't happy when Pink reshared the message to her own page.

"Totally get where you're coming from. HOWEVER, as a person with a lawyer brain, I have to say... when you single out one race and say 'that' race matters. You ARE implicitly saying other races don't matter as much," one person argued. "It is automatically inferred. I believe it does this situation a disjustice by putting it in the #blacklivesmatter category. This could happen to ANY ONE OF US! THAT is the atrocity! THAT is the REAL issue. It is not about race."

Pink didn't hold back in her response, calling them out for being part of the problem. "You are the epitome of white privilege," she wrote. "And the saddest part is that you don't even hear yourself and probably never will."

Another commenter chose not to discuss any of the issues Pink brought up, but instead called her "stupid."

"What an insightful and helpful comment," she clapped back.

Pink then took the conversation to Twitter, writing, "It’s insane to me how many people think I will be upset about racists unfolllowing me. You don't really even need to announce your exit. You have my blessing."

"Go. Go now," she insisted. "One quick push of a button and you don’t have to look in the mirror or confront who you really are."

Following Floyd's death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last month, a number of celebrities have used their platforms to speak out and seek justice. Some, like Nick Cannon, Halsey, Ariana Grande and Machine Gun Kelly, have even taken part in the ongoing protests throughout the country.

More on that in the video below:


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