Post Malone Spent Over $40,000 in 400 Days on Food Delivery Service -- Here's What He Ordered

Post Malone
Rich Fury/Getty Images for Bud Light

Here's a breakdown of the hitmaking rapper's biggest orders and strangest requests!

Post Malone is known for his infectious tracks and statement tattoos, but he’s about to be known for something else entirely — his love for the food delivery service Postmates.

The company has launched a new blog series called The Receiptwhich highlighted how the rapper has utilized the app, and it turns out he’s got just about everyone beat when it comes to racking up the orders. He’s spent over $40,000 on Postmates deliveries in the last 400 days!

Breaking that astounding fact down, he’s ordered almost 3,000 items from 289 merchants. That included 660 deliveries across 52 cities. Naturally, most of this ordering happened during his 50-city tour.

Some of his favorite places to order from include Chik-fil-A, Burger King, Ralphs, Panda Express, KFC, CVS, Petco and GameStop, according to multiple other outlets. And let's not forget his affinity for Popeyes, which he goes "psycho" for. At last year’s Coachella, the 23-year-old artist dropped $8,000 on biscuits from Popeyes, which were delivered to a party. 

Another time, he used Postmates to get everything he needed to throw a party. That list included six bottles of orange juice, two bottles of cocktail juice, two bags of ice, two handles of vodka and four bottles of wine. Not to mention tons of Solo cups. That delivery cost him $850.

Courtesy of Instagram

Over the months, Malone has also bonded with some of the delivery couriers. In April of 2018, he was so thrilled with the service, he tipped with a copy of his then-unreleased album. Talk about generous!

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