Pregnant Claire Holt Shares Surprising Gender Reveal -- Watch the Hilarious Reaction!

Claire Holt
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

The actress was convinced she knew the gender of her baby, but a balloon pop proved otherwise!

The Originals star Claire Holt just found out the gender of her first baby -- and her prediction was completely wrong!

The 30-year-old Australian actress, who is expecting her first baby with husband Andrew Joblon, took to Instagram on Monday to share a cute video of her gender reveal.

The clip shows her counting down to popping a black balloon with Joblon and a young girl. However, rather than the pink confetti Holt expected, the balloon burst with blue!

The revelation prompted utter shock on the couple’s faces, with their gobsmacked expressions hilariously heightened by the video playing in slow motion from that point.

“Gender Reveal PSA: If you are absolutely, positively certain you’re having a girl, perhaps don’t buy a lot of pink things and choose a name before you confirm...,” Holt captioned the photo.

The couple has been married for three months, but before tying the knot they sadly suffered a miscarriage in February.

“I’ve never felt more broken in my life,” Holt shared at the time, in a lengthy Instagram post detailing her devastation.

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