'Price Is Right': Drew Carey Nearly Knocked Off Stage by Excited Contestant -- Watch!

The game show host is all right after the exuberant fan performed an accidental tackle!

Getting selected on the Price Is Right is so exciting that it can turn dangerous!

During a recent episode, audience member Sona was called up onstage to play, and she was filled with so much joy that she gave Drew Carey a hug that turned into an accidental tackle -- and very nearly a stage fall for both her and the game show host.

"Sona, do not break the host, or our set," the announcer joked. For the record, Carey assured the audience, "I'm fine," laughing, "Never happened."

Sona then incorrectly guessed the price of a new car, but did leave with a $3,000 prize. Carey, meanwhile, hopefully, didn't leave with a sore back.

In any case, congratulations, Sona! (And watch those jump hugs).

Watch the moment above.