Prince Harry Reveals How He Learned Mom Princess Diana Died

The Duke of Sussex's revelations are all in his upcoming memoir, 'Spare.'

Prince Harry is shedding more light about how he learned that his mother, Princess Diana, died.

In an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, Spare, and obtained by NBC News, the Duke of Sussex reveals that King Charles III broke the news to him and his then-15-year-old brother, Prince William, while they were at Balmoral in Scotland. Princess Diana -- along with her lover, Dodi Fayed, and their driver -- died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. She was 36.

Harry, at the time only 12, reveals that Charles told him his mother sustained head injuries and she was likely not going to survive. She died at the hospital. Harry says Charles addressed him as "my dear son" but he did not embrace him.

"What I do remember with stunning clarity is that I did not cry. Not a tear. My father did not hug me," Harry writes in the book.

Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Harry's made a slew of stunning revelations ahead of his memoir's release in the U.S. next week. Harry recently claimed that William, or "Willy" as he refers to him in his book, physically assaulted him, leaving him visibly injured on his back after angrily speaking about Meghan Markle in 2019. He also referred to William as his "beloved brother and archnemesis" in the book in just one of the many bombshells

"Jaws really are on the ground over here in the U.K.," royal expert Katie Nicholl tells ET. "And, in terms of the royal family, we're not hearing anything officially. There's still no comment out of Kensington Palace, out of Buckingham Palace, but the repercussions of Harry's autobiography, the things that he's said are clearly being felt. My understanding is that the mood in the palace is one of shock, one of disbelief, and Prince William is said to be devastated and seething over this autobiography."