Queen Elizabeth II Has 'No Plans' to Retire When She Turns 95, Royals Rep Says

Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles

At 93-years-old, Queen Elizabeth isn't stepping down anytime soon.

Queen Elizabeth II isn't planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

In regard to reports of the 93-year-old head of the British monarchy retiring, a spokesman from Prince Charles' office tells ET that there haven't been any such discussions. "There are no plans for any change in arrangements at the age of 95 -- or any other age," the spokesman says.

Earlier this week, reports circulated that with the recent family drama involving Prince Andrew, the queen was leaning on her son and heir, Prince Charles, and Prince William for advice, with many speculating that come her 95th birthday, she would hand over the reins to Charles.

However, a palace source told People that there were some "over-interpretations going on about Charles’ role in the decision to downgrade Andrew’s public role," adding that it was the queen's decision to have her son step back from his royal duties after his controversial interview about Jeffrey Epstein.

Additionally, the queen can't decide to step down from the throne and hand it over to her son. There is a specific process in place. according to royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith, who told the publication, "The queen can’t just wave a queen wand and say Charles you are my regent. It’s not her call."

ET also spoke with royal expert Katie Nicholl, who said that despite reports that the queen forced Andrew out, sources told Nicholl that ultimately, it was his choice to step down.

"My sources at Buckingham Palace are insisting that it was the duke's decision and that the statement reflects that," Nicholl explained. "He says in that, that it's his decision to step down with the queen's approval. ... Reading between the lines, it is my understanding that Andrew understood he had to go. It was made very clear to him in that meeting between him and the queen that he had no choice but to step down from royal duties."

Meanwhile, Prince Philip, who is 98, has already retired from his royal duties. The queen, however, continues to attend royal events, and just last week met with the heads of state and government from countries that form the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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