'Queer Eye' Star Antoni Porowski Dishes on Upcoming Japan Episodes (Exclusive)

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Get ready for Queer Eye's upcoming episodes set in Japan to be next level.

ET spoke with the popular Netflix revival's resident food expert, Antoni Porowski, on Thursday at an event for Boursin cheese, where he talked about what fans can expect from the four episodes coming later this year. Porowski as well as his castmates -- Karamo Brown, Tan France, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness -- have been teasing their time in Japan with a few Instagram posts.

"Our outfits are insane, are totally bonkers," Porowski says. "I think you're gonna fall in love with the heroes again. We thought we were going to be so different going in, at least I did -- but there are a lot of cultural differences and how we express love, and it's really interesting to navigate -- but at the end of the day, one needs to be told that they are worthy. Everyone deserves love, and everyone needs to show their love to at least one other person in their life."

"And that's just what we kind of continue to do, and it's kind of incredible to see people who don't take compliments well at all -- and they get really embarrassed and shy -- and by the end of the week, they're, like, welcoming them," he continues.

Queer Eye season three -- which is set in Kansas City, Missouri -- debuted on March 15. The season is turning out to be as popular as the first two seasons that were set in Georgia, and Porowski admits he didn't think the show would last beyond season one. 

"I thought our peak was season one," he says. "I thought, 'Great, we had our 15 minutes and now it's done.'"

Porowski says the transformation that affected him the most from season three is Jess Guilbeaux's, the first lesbian to appear on the show. Guilbeaux came out as a teen and was then disowned by her adoptive parents, and started living independently at 16. 

"I was really touched by Jess' episode because it was the one that really impacted me," Porowski says.

He later reveals the touching gift he gave her that had him bursting into tears.

"There was a moment where she walked into her new home and was reveling in all this beauty that Bobby and his team created and this new home that was hers, and we gifted her this record player ... after we found out that she loved records but she had a busted record player. I was like, 'Music is important to this girl, we need to get a record player!' So, I called my buddy Carlos up and he overnighted the whole thing and she saw it and she actually let out, like, a scream and was overwhelmed with emotions and started crying. I asked her, 'Why does this make you so emotional?' and she was like, 'You know how you fantasize in life about things you want to have when you're successful or growing up? I never even dreamed I would have something that's so beautiful and that's mine, and that nobody can take away.'"

"I full on cried, and then I understood why she was crying," he continues. "And to see someone go through where at the beginning of the week, she didn't feel like she deserved these nice things to, by the end of it, was like, 'Yeah, I am worthy of that love. I may not have gotten it from who I should have gotten it from, or expected it from -- my biological family -- but I got it from other people.' You can make substitutions for that. It's like, logical versus biological family, and to actually see her full on perception of all this change in a matter of a week, like, what's more fulfilling than that?"

ET was with Brown last month, when he surprised Queer Eye fans with life advice. Watch the video below for more:


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