Quiet Punch Founder Brian Pedone Explains How Boxing Helps Him Stay Strong Emotionally and Physically

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Brian Pedone
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Quiet Punch founder Brian Pedone wants to bring boxing to everyone through his lightweight punching bag and at-home workouts.

Roll with the punches! Quiet Punch founder Brian Pedone created an at-home boxing style workout to share his love of the sport and empower everyone from amateur to first time boxers. 

"I got into boxing when I was 13 years old. … The first time I stepped into the ring totally changed how I viewed myself. I learned how determined I could be and how strong my will is," the fitness expert tells ET.

"After a good boxing session, I feel empowered, inspired, and motivated. … The weight of things on my mind is lifted, and I feel clear headed and de-stressed," he adds. 

Not only has boxing increased Pedone's confidence, but it has also improved his general health. 

"Boxing has affected my body significantly. … Compared to other sports, boxing is one of the few workouts that uses all aspects of your body. Cardio, strength, endurance, stamina, agility, and mental. … My hand-eye coordination is built for punches coming at me and throwing punches, and because of years of footwork and jumping rope, I am very light on my feet," he explains.

Boxing For All, Inc.

And customers can refine these same skills, all while in the comfort of their homes, thanks to the lightweight punching bag that easily hangs in any doorway.

"I want Quiet Punch users to feel like they accomplished something great. … Many users have lost weight, toned, built muscle, and improved mobility overall," the entrepreneur notes.

To achieve results, users can personalize their experience depending on their schedule and fitness goals. 

"It is one of the best workouts a person can get, even if you never step foot in a ring. … Using the Quiet Punch three times a week for 20-minutes or 1,000 punches a day for about 5 minutes is fantastic for your heart, mind, and body." 

To stay on track, the brand offers videos on YouTube and live, on-demand classes and training programs on their app, as well as a Punch Tracker that tracks progress and opens access to the global leaderboard. 

Boxing For All, Inc.

In between these challenging sessions, Pedone suggests adding flexibility and strength workouts into your routine too. 

"I am a huge fan of running and like to do that at least twice a week. Running isn't for everyone, so I recommend adding in some form of yoga or resistance training, as well as light weights," he advises. 

Quiet Punch’s Doorway Punching Bag is available to purchase for $140, and the Punching Bag with Punch Tracker is available for $190, on the brand's website.