R. Kelly's Lawyer Responds to Sexual Abuse Claims Made in Docuseries: 'Those Things Didn't Happen'

Steven Greenberg described the series as 'a hit piece.'

R. Kelly's lawyer is speaking up for his client following the release of a new docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly.

On Friday, Steven Greenberg appeared in a pretaped segment on CBS This Morning where he called the docuseries -- which alleges that the 52-year-old R&B singer has kept women against their will in both Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia -- "a hit piece."

"He's disappointed that these women are doing this, that these families are doing it, that they're ruining a talented musician's career," Greenberg said of Kelly.

While initially Greenberg said he "didn't watch one minute" of the series because he doesn't "watch that kind of trash," the lawyer eventually acquiesced that he's "seen snippets of it."

"I've seen some of the interviews on it," Greenberg said. "I know who's behind it."

Of the allegations themselves, Greenberg claimed that "there's absolutely no evidence [that] what they're saying is true."

When it comes to the many celebs who have begun to distance themselves from Kelly since the release of the series, Greenberg took aim at Lady Gaga specifically.

"Look at Lady Gaga. Now she wants an Academy Award, so now all of a sudden he's some terrible person," he said.

While Greenberg didn't confirm any next steps for Kelly, he did say that his client is likely to speak to the public soon. "If nothing else I'm sure he'll write a song and it'll be a big hit," he said.

Greenberg also appeared on Good Morning America on Friday, where he further denied all of the allegations against Kelly, including the claim that Kelly was sexually involved with a minor, though he did confirm that Kelly was married to Aaliyah Haughton when she was 15.

"He was married to her when she was 15. Elvis was married to Priscilla," he said. "Except that my understanding is that she did not claim to be 15 and, in order to get married, she had to lie about her age. [He had] no idea."

Greenberg also claimed that "those things didn't happen" and "the man was not operating a harem or a sex cult or holding people hostage or anything like that," before expressing hope that Kelly will sue Lifetime for defamation "because people shouldn't be able to do this to someone."

Watch the video below for more on the allegations against Kelly: