Rachel Bloom Admits She'd Have Sex With Her 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Character Amid Series Finale Revelations

The 31-year-old actress also wore a pill dress to PaleyFest L.A. and opened up about one day bringing her CW show to Broadway.

There is never a dull moment when the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cast gets together, and PaleyFest L.A. was no exception.

Not only did Rachel Bloom (Rebecca Bunch) and showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna show up in matching Moschino pill bottle dresses, which appeared to pay homage to both this season's La La Land spoof, "Anti-Depressants Are So Not a Big Deal," and Rebecca's struggles with mental illness, once their panel really got underway on Wednesday night, there was no stopping Bloom from uttering nearly every dirty joke, pun or quip that popped into her brain. (They weren't the only two with nods to Crazy on their bodies, btw -- Donna Lynne Champlin wore a sparkly ruby dress from season one and choreographer Kathryn Burns slipped on a subtle gold pretzel necklace.)


Most fans know that not only do these two have an extremely close relationship, but both are refreshingly no-filter -- Bloom especially so. When moderator Stacey Wilson Hunt asked the cast what they would do if they could spend a final day with their characters, Scott Michael Foster (Nathaniel Plimpton III) went on-theme and said he'd go to the zoo, Vella Lovell would smoke pot with Heather, and Champlin said she'd bring her character, Paula Proctor, on a much-needed spa day. Bloom, however, said she'd have sex with Rebecca.

"I'd f**k her," the Crazy Ex co-creator quickly admitted. "Couple things -- I’d be interested to see what she’s got going on. But then it’s also myself so there’s a navel-gazing to it, literally. I suspect she’s better in bed then I am. I think she should have a more intuitive knowledge of my body but since it’s my body, I would know roughly how to pleasure her, and I just think we’d have a great time."

Bloom was surprised the rest of the audience wasn't as on board, suddenly wondering if she was the only one who's had such thought. Save for one other admission that Pete Gardner's (Darryl Whitefeather) season one song "I Love My Daughter" couldn't get past the censors for a while because it came off a bit too creepy -- Bloom admitted they went a bit too far with the joke at first and it was partially because of what Gardner said was them thinking with their sketch comedy brains -- the panel didn't go off the rails. 

Fans were gifted a sneak peek of this Friday's episode, a sequel to fan favorite, and one of Bloom's most beloved songs, "Math of Love Triangles," that finds Rebecca back in her blue Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress but now singing "Math of Love Quadrangles" with her trio of suitors, Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), Greg (Skylar Astin) or Nathaniel. (Rodriguez and Astin were the most notably missing cast members from PaleyFest, as they were filming pilots, but the cast did speak highly of their newest addition, musing on just how charming Astin was whether they were spending Thanksgiving together or simply filming a scene.)

Bloom and Brosh didn't give any hints about which guy Rebecca will choose in the end, but rather focused on the show's legacy and insanely impressive songbook of nearly 150 original tunes, which both co-creators hope includes more stage shows than just the live post-finale taping they filmed in Los Angeles last week and an upcoming two-night stint at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

“They’re kind of two separate things," Bloom said of the Crazy Ex mythology and its future. "There’s us performing together, which is what Radio City and then there’s the idea of the show as a stage musical, and that's kind of the idea and something that Aline and I have only just started talking about it... For now, we have these live performances as a cast, and I think what's really fun for me is that we've managed to create for ourselves this hybrid between a comedy show at a smaller theater and a full-fledged musical review. The fun thing about it is that we're playing ourselves. We're never trying to suddenly pretend to be the characters or interstitial sketches where I come out as Rebecca, so it allows for the freedom that we all kind of felt which each other on set to be put on the stage with these songs. I'm probably going to be bothering them to do live shows for the next 50 years."

She did muse that if Crazy Ex does become a Broadway musical, it will most likely be a condensed retelling of the same story with the songs they've already penned. "Why would we write a f**king sequel when we have a show that we can just copy? I don't ever want to do work ever again," Bloom joked. They have already thought about what a reunion will look like in a decade, though Bloom says you need to see the finale to understand what the pitch is, which will not be a reboot but she hopes a TV movie on the Hallmark Channel.

Greg Gayne/The CW

Bloom did get serious when the cast was reminiscing about their favorite songs. "This is all making my heart kind of hurt. It's the first time we're saying it in the past tense, she admitted. "It’s really interesting. It's a lot of questions I wish I’d been asking if I learned to shut the f** up. Because we've now finished the concert, the show actually really is in this past tense. It's really weird."

As for her favorite song, though it frequently changes, the one that came to mind at PaleyFest was "The Villain of My Own Story," which is in the live musical. "That's an emotional tent pole song for the character. It’s this f**ked up Disney song, which is my jam. I have a weird fondness for that song because I won the Golden Globe [for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical TV Series in 2016] and came back to set and I shot that song..." she said. "So it was this weird thing of like being in a gown, Golden Globe, and then you go to set and you get the prosthetic nose put on and you try to eat chili fries with the nose. And that's what the job is."

The final episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend air on Fridays on at 9/8c on The CW through April 5.



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