Rachel Lindsay Reveals Hilarious Mishap at Wedding to Bryan Abasolo (Exclusive)

Rachel Lindsay
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Rachel Lindsay's wedding didn't exactly go off without a hitch.

ET Live caught up with the 34-year-old former Bachelorette just weeks after her August wedding to Bryan Abasolo and she dished about the key moment that didn't exactly pan out how she and her groom planned.

"One story I will tell is after he said, 'You can kiss the bride' and they announced us as husband and wife for the first time and we're walking down the aisle, the song that played was not the right song," she revealed. "I said, 'Is that a curse word I hear?' 'Oh, is that another one?' Oh my god."

While Lil Duval's 2018 track, "Smile (Living My Best Life)," wasn't the song Lindsay and Abasolo initially intended, the slight mishap didn't tarnish the day at all.

"I think just bringing two families together for the first time," Lindsay gushed of the best part of her Mexican nuptials. "... Our families had met immediately, but from the outside. Bringing them together just to celebrate love and life. And it was so effortless. People are still talking about the wedding. Just how much fun they had that entire weekend and that's all we wanted."

As for life post-wedding, Lindsay revealed that she and Abasolo are absolutely head over heels in love, so much so that they're not too happy about having to spend some time apart.

"This the first time I've been apart, really, from Bryan. So, like, I miss him even now as I'm sitting here," she shared, before dishing on their "great honeymoon." 

"We completely unplugged and were just immersed in each other," she said. "And it was a beautiful experience, so I'm still on that high."

While she's happily married now, Lindsay's latest gig follows people who are not as lucky, as she serves as the co-host on MTV's Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. A decade before her fairy-tale ending, Lindsay herself was the victim of ghosting, a fact that inspired her to sign on to the series, which tracks down people who have ghosted a loved one.

"I was dating a guy who had a whole family of his own and it happened while we were dating. And so basically he ghosted me because he wanted to create that family unit for his child," she said. "We're friends now. Isn't that crazy? In a crazy turn of events, we're friends."

As for the dating faux pas in general, Lindsay, who co-hosts the show with Travis Mills, called it "an epidemic."

"It's not even that we're trying to put a stop to it, because it's so prevalent, we're just trying to bring awareness to this issue and let people know that this is not OK," she said.

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.


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