Raven-Symone and Miranda Pearman-Maday Reveal Their Plans for a 'Big Family' (Exclusive)

The pair are opening up about becoming parents one day.

Raven-Symoné and  Miranda Pearman-Maday want a big family. In an interview with ET's Deidre Behar, the couple opened up about their plans for the future -- which includes four children. 

"I want four kids. I want a big family," Raven explained. "I want to be able to make sure that the gatherings at the dinner table and the gatherings at holidays are full of excitement and fun. I really don't like the attention on me, even though I'm in the industry, you might think it's true. But if we just have one child, I feel like it's not enough distraction. I want a whole bunch of people in the house." 

"They don't all have to come from our bodies, though, and I don't think they should," she added. 

As Miranda explained, she and Raven are each hoping to carry a child through pregnancy, but she's also felt drawn to adoption. 

"I love that. And we share that in common, wanting that really kind of picturesque, family dinner, loud, house, the things we didn't really grow up with," she noted. 

Raven and Miranda secretly married in June, after being extremely private about their relationship. After sharing they'd tied the knot, however, the couple has kept fans updated on married life. They even started a YouTube channel, 8 PM. 

"I believe in numerology, and when we got married, it took us a while to find the perfect date that added up to a number we believe brings us a beautiful springboard for our career and our marriage and success and luck. And we ended up on eight," Raven explained of the name. "And PM is Pearman-Maday, and we hyphenated our last names because we are strong ladies." 

The couple has been cranking out content, and in addition to seeing more of their daily lives, it seems fans can also expect to see the pair's journey to parenthood unfold. 

"We have many conversations about it. We're not getting any younger and we know that this world is full of promises, but never a followthrough," Raven shared. 

"I think it's interesting, too, because a lot of people don't understand how a lesbian couple would have a baby, other than adoption," Miranda said. "I think sharing the whole journey, like you just said, and whatever that may look like, there are multiple options." 

That baby may still be a couple years down the line, with Raven admitting they'd like "a couple of extra commas in the bank saved, a YouTube channel that's thriving, and we move, and then the child can come." 

"We have to really sit down," Miranda explained. "I think we've been so distracted over the last year let's say, between getting married and moving, starting this work together that that conversation hasn't been on the front line. But yes, as Raven says, we're not getting any younger. And freezing your eggs so you just know that they're there and they're safe is a wonderful thing. And I think that's something that we will probably do." 

In the meantime, the pair's one-year wedding anniversary is just around the corner. 

"Within the next few weeks, check out the [YouTube] channel. I surprised Miranda with her anniversary present," Raven teased. "I kind of want to tell her, but I kind of don't."

Raven said her gift is mental health related, while Miranda got something "a bit more romantic." "It's a very sentimental, beautiful gift. And then there are some little treats that are going to be sprinkled within the day," Miranda said. 

Their anniversary also takes place during Pride Month, which means a lot to the couple. 

"Pride means to me being brave enough, being strong enough to live your truth and celebrating that, not just for the month of June, but every day," Miranda expressed, "because our time here is limited and we should relish in it."

"Everything that she said on top of the fact that I get to kiss a girl every day and no one can say anything about it. It makes me very happy. And not just a girl, I mean her. I love you babe," Raven added. "Seeing beautiful people of all ages coming together and celebrating in a good party. That is also what Pride means." 

See more on Raven and Miranda in the video below.