Reese Witherspoon Has the Most Candid Reaction to Meeting Kate Middleton: 'I Immediately Fell Under Her Spell'

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge speaks with Kristin Gore (C) and Reese Witherspoon during a reception to mark the launch of Tusk's US Patron Circle at the home of Steve Tisch on July 10, 2011 in Beverley Hill, California.
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Even A-list celebrities get starstruck.

Even A-list celebrities get starstruck.

Reese Witherspoon hilariously describes meeting Kate Middleton for the first time in 2011 in her new book, Whiskey in a Teacup, and says the Duchess of Cambridge definitely exceeded her high expectations. In an excerpt from the book via Marie Claire, Witherspoon admits she couldn't contain her excitement when she got an invite to Kate and Prince William’s L.A. fundraiser for his Tusk Trust wildlife charity.

"The scream that issued from my lips upon receiving [the invitation] -- you would have thought I was going to die," she shares. "I wake up early, mind you, but on that day I was up at 4 a.m. doing my hair. That's early, even for me. 'I've never seen you this excited,' my husband said. He wasn't kidding.”

"Jim took pictures of me in the car," she continues. "You can see rays of happiness shooting out of my face. I love Kate Middleton that much. And she did not disappoint!" 

Witherspoon admits she wasn't interested in the royal family until 36-year-old Middleton's arrival, but that of course changed.

“She was just lovely and warm, elegant and composed,” the 42-year-old actress gushes. “She also told a joke, and I immediately fell under her spell. She's just as magnificent as she seems to be. She's a very compassionate, socially conscious, deeply caring person.”

Later, she praised Middleton's grace under the spotlight.

"It takes a very special person to decide to commit to that kind of life, to choose to be under public scrutiny every moment," Witherspoon points out. "Now that she's in that position, her entire life is in service, forever. I am so in awe of that kind of dedication."

A look back at Witherspoon meeting Middleton does show the Legally Blonde star gazing adoringly at the statuesque royal.

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