Reese Witherspoon Reveals Status of 'Legally Blonde 3': 'I'm Having a Great Time Working on It' (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actress at the season two premiere of 'Big Little Lies' in NYC on Wednesday.

Legally Blonde 3 is closer than we think!

Reese Witherspoon is having a "great time" working on Elle Woods' storyline and can't wait to share it with the world.

"She's a very beloved character," Witherspoon told ET's Lauren Zima at the Big Little Lies season two premiere in NYC on Wednesday. "You just want her to go on a hero's journey like she does in the first movie, and I'm having a great time working on it."

While she didn't share any specific details about where Woods' life would be when we see her again, Witherspoon did confirm that "[We have] a script, but we haven't shot anything."

Witherspoon initially starred as the Harvard Law student in 2001 and reprised the role for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde in 2003. She confirmed the news of a third flick last June and revealed it's slated for Valentine's Day 2020 release.


Another project she has in the works is her Apple TV series, The Morning Show, with Jennifer Aniston. 

"It's such a great show. I can't say anything about what it's about, but I think it's going to be surprising for people," she dished. "It's very surprising, and Jen is wonderful. And again, it's this great female partnership. I have to say, it's a great theme in my life and the past few years. I'm just really enjoying the partnership with other women I really respect and admire."

Those women also include BLL newcomer Meryl Streep, whom Witherspoon has admired for years. 

"I had to sometimes pull myself back and take a deep breath and go, 'OK, she's just a person. She's just a human being.' But it was a thrill. And to get to sit with her and talk about the script and work through scenes, it was just like, 'Are you kidding me?'" she continued. "As an actor, all my life worshipping her work, and she's just as truthful and honest and genuine and fun-loving as you can imagine."

For more of ET's BLL season two premiere coverage, watch below. 

Big Little Lies premieres June 9 on HBO.



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