'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey on Her Reunion With NeNe Leakes Amid Feud (Exclusive)

Viewers will see the pair come face-to-face on Sunday's episode of 'RHOA.'

Looks like fans shouldn't expect to see Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes bury the hatchet anytime soon. 

The pair's feud continues off screen and on -- with NeNe making her return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday night's episode. Cynthia and NeNe come face-to-face while celebrating World Pride in New York City in the episode, and Cynthia says they were actually pretty cordial... until they weren't. 

"I will say, being the bigger person, for Pride, we didn't really let our drama overshadow why we were in New York for Pride. We waited until we got back to Atlanta, basically," Cynthia told ET's Brice Sander at BravoCon at New York's Manhattan Center on Friday. "You'll see on Sunday's episode, but I felt like we were pretty cordial for the most part. But then things take a turn, and then they go to the left, go to the right. It's a bumpy road."

As fans of the show know, NeNe and Cynthia used to be close friends, but had an intense falling out over Kenya Moore making a  surprise appearance at a party Cynthia threw on season 11. NeNe -- both in promos for RHOA and in a recent interview with ET -- has said there's another side to Cynthia that viewers haven't seen. She claims it "isn't that kind." 

"There's a different side to Cynthia, especially season 12," Cynthia confirmed to ET -- but noted it's far from what NeNe is claiming. "There's a happier side. There's a very engaged side, and a very living my best life side. So, this season for me is all about me being in a good space. I'm happy, I'm in love. Reciprocity is the word for season 12 for me. You will get the energy that you give you, and that is it."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

As for NeNe's suggestion that she's the "queen" of RHOA, surrounded by "princesses," Cynthia's not too riled up. "You know what? I don't strive to be the queen of the show, so if she is the self-proclaimed queen, then ... I'm not saying I bow down, but I'm just saying, queen on," she offered. 

The 52-year-old reality star is instead focusing on family, and supporting her daughter, Noelle, who publicly came out as sexually fluid last week. 

"The reaction has been overwhelmingly amazing, and I never had any idea that it would really attract this much attention," Cynthia told ET. "Noelle's not a Housewife, she is my daughter. We don't really focus on her personal life. I felt like it was important for her to tell her own story."

"We live in a world of camera phones and people videoing you when you're not looking, and I wanted her to out her own self before she got outed. You know, on a reality show, I'm pretty transparent. Again, Noelle is not a huge focus of mine on the show, she's my daughter and my job is to protect her. But I didn't want anything to get out there and it appeared we were trying to hide this thing, it's a big secret and we're not talking about it on the show," she explained. "I applaud her for putting it out there and getting in front of it, because when you don't do it, it's almost like a scandal, like, 'Oh, Noelle is fluid,' even though it's her choice, her life." 

See more in the video below. 

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