'RHOBH': Camille Grammer Says She Was the 'Easy Target' After Lisa Vanderpump’s Exit (Exclusive)

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Despite what you might’ve heard, “season one Camille” is not back, at least according to Camille herself.

"Season one of [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills], for me, was hell," Camille Grammer Meyer confesses to ET. "I never want to repeat that again."

Now, the RHOBH OG isn’t quite facing the heat she did in her first season -- at the time, a tabloid labeled her “the most-hated Housewife ever” -- but she is under fire from some of her co-stars over "wishy-washy" behavior, namely with how she’s treated the Lisa Vanderpump of it all. The rest of the group fell out with Lisa over "puppygate," the drama surrounding a dog that Dorit Kemsley adopted from Vanderpump Dogs. That led to Lisa not showing up to Camille’s bridal shower, which she was invited to, as Camille knew. But, when Lisa told Camille that she wasn’t invited, Camille played Lisa’s side and told her she was sorry to hear that.

"They’re gonna be right about this wishy-washy about the Lisa Vanderpump thing," Camille admits. "Because, I do care about Lisa and I think that Lisa’s been through a lot. She lost her brother. I lost my assistant, and we’ve been talking about the grieving process, so I have a lot of empathy and compassion for what she’s going through, because I’m experiencing it myself. And I would anyway, because it’s her biological brother and she only had one sibling, so I have a lot of compassion towards Lisa Vanderpump. My heart goes out to her."

Still, Camille says she’s been made out to be an "easy target" for the group, who was missing a common enemy after Lisa stopped showing up to group events (though, they don’t necessarily need one).

"It was getting boring," Camille notes. "I think the fans were getting sick of [puppygate], too, and so, I was there to spice things up a bit. And again, moi becomes the target. I haven’t filmed as much with the ladies, so they create this bond and I’m kind of odd man out so it’s easy to become the target… They have bonded. They’ve become very close."

Camille has mostly faced off against Teddi Mellencamp, who claims Camille is two-faced.

"Yeah, I’ve said some things this year, but I think I’ve been very honest in what I’ve said and I’ve said it to people’s faces," she fires back. "So, I know Teddi’s on me for that but I’ll tell it right to your face. I’m from the east coast. I do not hold back, and that’s who I am. Love it or hate it."

Things got so heated on the show and on social media that Camille tweeted she may not even show up to the reunion, fearing it will mirror season one too much.

"I’m not sure," Camille says, doubling down on her tweet. "Kyle [Richards] and I were texting and I was like, ‘S**t!’ I assumed, to myself, ‘I’m going down.'" 

"Maybe it’s a little post-traumatic stress disorder from season one, not wanting to repeat the gang-up, because it’s tough," she continues. "It’s tough being the one person on the hot seat."

Lisa has also been playing coy about whether she’ll show her face at the all-cast sit-down, set to tape sometime this summer. It’s been months since she interacted with any of the other women.

"I think she should, but then I understand how she feels," Camille offers. "I just don’t know if she will or not. I don’t know."

"I just feel a lot of empathy for her," she says.

ET chatted with Camille before she and Lisa got into a bit of a Twitter back and forth on Saturday, when Camile tweeted, then deleted, about feeling upset that Lisa seemingly refused to accept her apology over a not-so-nice joke Camille made about Lisa’s teeth on the show. Now, it’s unclear how she feels; but at the time, she did say she saw hope for reconciliation between LVP and the ladies.

"There’s always hope, right?" she notes. "I think it’ll be great if she shows up. If she doesn’t, I understand. She’s going through a lot."

Camille is also going through a lot. She lost her Malibu mansion to wildfires last winter. What was left was just demolished.

“It’s been a very difficult time for my daughter and I, and my son,” Camille confesses. “We lost our home. They’ve been displaced. You know, we are living in a trailer. That is the truth. A double-wide trailer. It’s got great views … I’m trying to figure it out. I’m not sure if I’m going to build or not. I just have to think it through.”

ET spoke with Camille on Friday in Beverly Hills at the 2019 Race to Erase MS Gala, a cause she steps out to support year after year. The organization has raised millions of dollars for multiple sclerosis treatment research.

“I love Nancy Davis,” Camille gushes of the organization’s founder, who lives with MS herself. “She’s a rock star and I think I’ve -- 20 years coming to this event, and what she has done for MS is incredible. She’s a rock star and I’m so proud of Selma Blair for being so brave to come out, ‘cause it’s not easy to do that. And it’s going to raise so much more awareness for MS.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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