'RHOC' Star Emily Simpson Says Her Husband Shane Almost Died of COVID-19 After They Both Battled Virus

Emily and Shane Simpson on 'RHOC'

Shane's battle with the coronavirus was documented on Wednesday's 'The Real Housewives of Orange County.'

Emily Simpson is opening up about her family's struggle with the coronavirus. The 44-year-old reality star documented her husband, Shane Simpson's, battle with the disease during Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County after the two of them and her children all contracted COVID-19. 

"Shane and I and the children all had COVID. We nearly lost Shane to the virus," Emily wrote Wednesday on her Instagram Story. 

During the RHOC episode, Emily is the first to show symptoms, sharing that she tested positive and was worried about spreading the disease to the rest of her family. 

"I had, like, a little bit of a headache, and I'm tired, but that's it. I have no fever, no cough, no sore throat, nothing," she shared. "I wish I could trace back to exactly how I got it because I feel like, personally, I did everything I was supposed to do, as far as the pandemic. I tried to live life and take precautions, and I ended up getting it and I don't even know where."

Emily Simpson/Instagram Story

Emily added that she was worried her entire household, including her husband and their three children, contracted COVID "because of me."

"It's a lot mentally," she said. 

Throughout the course of the episode, Shane's condition worsened, as Emily tearfully shared updates. She finally was forced to take her husband to the hospital. 

"Today got really bad. He couldn't breathe," she said. "I'm not allowed to go into the hospital with him. He texted me and said his oxygen levels are low, and that they had him on an IV. They're giving him meds. And I'm sure some oxygen to help with the breathing. That's all I know right now." 

Emily went on to share her darkest fears. "I'm scared that my husband's not gonna make it, he's going to die," she said. "He's gonna die at a hospital, and not only is he gonna die at the hospital, but he's gonna die alone because I know I can't go to the hospital and my kids can't go to the hospital because you're not allowed."

The episode ended without Shane's condition improving, but Emily has since shared how grateful she is that her husband pulled through. 

"Thank you for not leaving us yet," Emily captioned a photo of her husband and their sons. "We need you ❤️❤️."

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