'RHOSLC' Star Heather Gay Attempts to Solve Her Black Eye Mystery

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Heather Gay tried to come clean about her mysterious Real Housewives of Salt Lake City black eye this week, but she's unfortunately sure about not being sure. 

Fans eagerly awaited her potential explanation for the unexplained injury at the RHOSLC season 3 reunion, but Gay says she's given them all she can. 

"I blacked out," Gay told host Andy Cohen. "I don't know how it happened."

Gay woke up with a black eye after a night out with her castmates in San Diego during the show's Dec. 21 episode. The injury was also teased earlier in 2022 during the season's trailer, and fans expected to get an explanation before the finale, but Gay refused to provide any further explanation. 

The lack of explanation disgruntled Gay's costar Lisa Barlow, who said Gay had encouraged the cast and crew to believe there was more to the story. 

"I feel like they needed you to say the truth because it impacted people that were on production that were up late with us," Barlow said, "and then it makes them look like they did it to you." 

At the reunion this week, Gay told her co-star she didn't have anything to hide, she was just too embarrassed to come clean about blacking out. 

"There was no way to hide it, and I went to my thing which is just humor, and just make it go away, and it didn't go away. But I certainly do not want to implicate anyone here, anyone on production," she said. "It's my own guilt and shame about blacking out and not being able to explain it." 

Though the story could end there, fans don't seem content. In the absence of Gay's memory, many speculated a possibility that costar Jen Shah punched Gray in the face. 

Shah was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison on Jan. 6 after pleading guilty to a money laundering scheme. She'll surrender herself to prison on Feb. 17. Gay admitted that if Jen did punch her, she "would cover it up" to protect her in the face of more charges. 

Cohen added to the speculation by reminding the group that friend Angie Katsanevas had wondered about Gay getting kicked by Jen while she was doing "Barbie scissor kicks" in a hotel room. 

"I was talking to some people," Angie recounted, "and they said, 'Have you ever heard of any sexual relations between Heather and Jen?'"

Angie also added that Jen was "very off and not present" the day after Gay revealed her black eye. "And then," she continued, "when production asked Heather at the Greek dinner, 'What happened to your eye?' Jen looked at her quietly and said, 'What are you gonna say happened?'"


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