Ricki Lake Shares Intimate Photos of Her Home Birth: 'Changed Every Cell of My Being'

Ricki Lake says her home birth nearly 22 years ago 'healed' her 'in deep and profound ways.'

Ricki Lake is taking a look back at one of the most profound events of her life: her home birth. 

More than two decades ago, the former daytime talk show host and actress gave birth to her second son, Owen Sussman, with ex-husband Rob Sussman, in a bathtub in her New York City apartment. The birth was later shown in the headline-making 2008 documentary, The Business of Being Born, which Lake co-produced. In black-and-white pictures of the moment that she posted on Instagram, fans can see Lake in the tub water holding her newborn child. 

"Happy #internationalhomebirthday!," she captioned the Instagram post on Tuesday. "Found these gems from almost exactly 22 years ago. My home water birth in my 🛀 bathtub changed every cell of my being. Full stop. It healed me in deep and profound ways, from childhood sexual abuse, to body image issues, and so much more. I found my power, my passion and true calling that day in the my west village apartment."

Continued Lake, "Today (and everyday) I want to honor all the home #birthworkerseverywhere. It has been my greatest honor to shine a light on #homebirth and midwifery care with #thebusinessofbeingborn So hopeful and inspired to bring #bobb to the next generation. 
#theunfinishedbusinessofbeingborn#comingsoon  #purpose#ilovemidwives #ilovedoulas #doulas #doulas #naturalbirth #homebirth."

A day earlier, the star shared a current photo of herself naked in a bathtub, commemorating her "complete self-acceptance."

"Hands down, these days are the best of my life. 54 1/2 years old (young!) Grateful for all that had to happen for me to get to here. A place of complete self-acceptance and self love," she captioned the special portrait. "Ross, you make every adventure the most fun ever.  Oh and #millvalley is the sh*t! 
#nature #redwoods #love #gratitude #groundedeuphoria#selflove."