Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Stars Support Puerto Rico Protest

Ricky Martin Puerto Rico Protest

Puerto Rican artists are taking to the streets to protest against the commonwealth's leadership.

Ricky Martin, Bad Bunny and Lin-Manuel Miranda, among many other Latin stars, spoke out about their native homeland's recent political troubles. Gov. Ricardo Rosselló recently came under fire, with many calling for his resignation, after the leak of hundreds of offensive chat messages allegedly between himself and members of his inner circle.  

Martin took to social media on Wednesday to share video of himself on the streets of Puerto Rico protesting the governor. According to CNN, vulgar references to Martin's sexuality were made by Christian Sobrino Vega, who was Puerto Rico's chief fiscal officer at the time, and Rosselló's representative on the federal board responsible for managing Puerto Rico's financial crisis. The leak came after the FBI arrested two of Rosselló's former top officials on fraud charges. 

"We’re tired of the cynicism. They put down women, they put down the LGBT community, people with disabilities," Martin said on his Instagram Stories. "Corruption, it is insane. We are tired, we can't take it anymore. Puerto Rico has suffered enough and it's pretty much barbaric what he's doing. We’re tired and we're angry."

"I have to come to Puerto Rico to let the world know that we will make a change," he continued.

Ricky Martin Puerto Rico Protest
Bad Bunny Ricky Martin Puerto Rico Protest
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Joining Martin were Bad Bunny and Calle 13 singer Residente, with many other celebrities showing their support online. Actor Benicio del Toro was also on-hand and spoke at the protest.

Bad Bunny Residente
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Benicio Del Toro Residente Puerto Rico Protest

Hamilton creator Miranda took to Twitter to retweet people's videos and photos from the march. He also wrote a poem dedicated to the people of Puerto Rico.

Eva Longoria also sent out a message of support to the people of Puerto Rico, as well as her dear friend Martin. "I'm sending you a big hug filled with strength to all those who are marching on the streets. #RickyMartin I support you in your pain."

Eva Longoria
Instagram Story

Miguel Bose also supported his "brother" Martin. "I am with you," he wrote on his Instagram Story, "Let's stop the abuse. A united PR is stronger."

Miguel Bose
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Edgar Ramirez also took to Instagram to call out the corruption. 

"?? Fed up with so much corruption, mediocrity, indolence, cruelty and ignorance, misruling us everywhere, while immersing us again and again in poverty, injustice and backwardness," he wrote. "I stand in solidarity with the people of #PuertoRico who today exercise their legitimate and inalienable right to protest."

 On Monday, Bad Bunny explained that he would be dropping his tour and heading to his homeland to protest. 

“My respects to everyone who has had the courage, valor and initiative to go out in the streets and fight for our country,” Bad Bunny said in a video. “I’m in Ibiza in the middle of my European tour, but I’m going to stop everything to jump on a plane to Puerto Rico to be able to go out in the streets and be with my gente - the people of Puerto Rico. I wish I was there now."


For more stars supporting Puerto Rico, watch below.

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