Rihanna Crashes a Fan's Birthday Dinner and We're So Jealous

The Fenty Beauty creator took photos and videos, cheering on the birthday girl.

Most people would probably be stunned speechless if Rihanna showed up at their party, but when the business mogul surprised her fan, Samirah Abdullah, during her recent birthday celebration, she managed to handle the shock with grace. 

On Wednesday, Abdullah gathered with her friends and boyfriend to celebrate her 23rd birthday at Nobu NYC. It was there that as Abdullah’s friend, Nini, explains in a TikTok video, the group noticed the singer seated across from them in the restaurant. Nini approached the Fenty Beauty creator and asked if she would join their table, telling her it would mean “the world” if Rihanna took a picture with the birthday girl. 

Nini reveals that Rihanna came up with the idea to surprise Abdullah -- she instructed Nini to return to the group and tell them that the star refused her request. However, when the waiters brought out the cake, Rihanna walked up to their table, sang “Happy Birthday” and took a photo with them.

Instagram user aupharee

“She was so freaking nice about it,” Nini gushes in her video. She also notes that Rihanna smells really good, which is completely unsurprising. 

Abdullah tells ET that although she kept it together, she was “just amazed” at the surprise. “I kinda froze, like, this couldn’t be real life,” she adds. Luckily, she’s got more than enough to prove that it is.

Rihanna recently teased fans via Instagram that she may be releasing new music soon, although it won’t be the album folks have been hoping for. In March, a fan suggested that the Barbados native celebrate her most recent studio album, Anti, spending five full years on the Billboard 200 by releasing a song. In a reply captured by Comments by Celebs, the singer responded, saying, "I think I should. Just 1 tho lol."

At this point, just one is all we need, Rihanna!