Riley Keough Confirms Husband Ben Smith-Petersen Makes Cameo in 'The Daisy Jones & The Six' (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Keough at the show's premiere Thursday night.

Riley Keough turned Daisy Jones & The Six into a family affair!

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke to the 33-year-old actress and new mom at the premiere of the highly anticipated new Amazon Prime Video series Thursday, where she shared how confirmed that her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, makes a cameo in episode two of the show.

"He did," Keough said when asked about the rumored cameo. "I don't want to like spoil it, but the producers thought it would be funny if he was in that scene."

She continued, "They were like, 'Do you want Ben to do this?' And I was like, 'Yeah, that's hilarious.'"


Keough, who posed with Smith-Petersen on the carpet, also created a family off-screen with her Daisy Jones & The Six cast, calling it one of the "most wonderful" parts about making the show.

"I mean, we're like, they are like my second family," she gushed. "And I think that was one of the most wonderful parts of this experience. I gained a second family."

The premiere marked Keough's first red carpet appearance since the death of her mother, Lisa Marie Presley. While she didn't discuss her mother's passing Thursday, when speaking with ET ahead of the show's premiere, Keough did share why she's focused less on continuing the Presley family's musical legacy with the series, and more on creating her own personal relationship with playing music.

"I certainly wouldn't put that pressure on it. I don't know if there is continuing my grandfather's legacy, it’s its own sort of thing to me. But it was a really fun experience for me," Keough said of making the show. "I'm not a musician -- or I am now I guess. I've been interested in film my whole life and so for me, it was more really loving to get to have a relationship with music in that way."

"I've listened to music and my whole family are musicians and I've been around this world a lot and been on tour and all that kind of stuff," she continued. "But I'd never really done it myself. So for me, it was more about my personal relationship with getting to play music, which was fun."

Daisy Jones & The Six premieres March 3 on Amazon Prime Video.